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TOPIC: and allow us to send intelligence people to get into mountain area in the south

http://raybansunglassesmen.web​ and allow us to send intelligence people to get into mountain area in the south 11 months, 1 week ago #106580

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One eye, know he is what mean, however she has never ordered to break and just sets up for to as if nothing have occurredly smile to smile.
Led a short while, may the Mo say:"To, Mo Li Gen is black to fill Man to meet, this matter do you know?"
"Know, this very good, this is in aid of us to quickly solve revolutionary party."
"Negotiation at that time, my person basically had no on the spot, your person also drive pure arrive the next door idled away in seeking pleasure.Someone wanted to stay and wait outside the door, was all pulled by force to walk at bitterness Sen the old inferiority of the city by him."
"These Mo insides all have already reported with me, he says heel black fill Man is a friendship, if take to ascend our person to go, will let the other party feel a vigilance, that has no way to let the other party open heart and talks a good affair, I feel reasonable."
"Is he how to report with you?"
"He says black fill the reason the Man gets in touch with revolutionary party, not is that believe in revolutionary party of what conviction, just want the underground influence that the influence that ask for help of revolutionary party expands him just, his dream is to become an underground king.Mo in promise he is this condition, promise him as long as help the royal house round up all at one fell swoop those revolutionary party frameworks, can tolerate he makes use of the remaining of the revolutionary party influence achieve his underground Kingdom.We would not announce the fact that he betrays revolutionary party, but free to he makes use of in the name of vengeance the remaining of revolutionary party influence.However, this Kingdom wants to accept our directs at any time."
"Do you feel that this is a good way?"
"This isn't a good way, but at present, this was the only way.Is similar black to fill Man this kind of is black to help headman, is can't with revolutionary party a heart, he heart bosom the evil plot is what I early anticipate in.Now, the person who get in touch with with mountain area in the south is him, negotiation success of is also him.If we removed him, so the negotiation achievement that will let more unprogressive revolutionary party directly receive him.Till that time, those robbers in mountain area in the south the meeting became to rebel army corps right away."
"But you have confidence black fill Man can't organize to rebel army corps?"
"Mo Li Gen already talk good, black fill Man will obstruct revolutionary party to constitute army corps smoothly, and allow us to send intelligence people to get into mountain area in the south, supervise and control his activity circumstance in the south.But before rebeling army corps organization, he has to help the main force that we uproot the whole revolutionary party
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