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Keep pressing to tell you in some matters of at heart."
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TOPIC: Keep pressing to tell you in some matters of at heart."

Keep pressing to tell you in some matters of at heart." 11 months, 1 week ago #106342

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Keep pressing to tell you in some matters of at heart,"
The Zhuo feather at heart is one earthquake,buy oakley sunglasses online, but doesn't say what, hard listen to the old connect down and speak of words.
"Young man,cheap authentic oakley sunglasses, I see you is eat much suffering just can get into Jing Wu Yuan, see your body of know, and I am dissimilarity from you, I didn't so try very hard to toughen my own meat body as well,, of so I own quite good real strenght, all is because I got one mouthful small Ding.Is this small Ding the inside always continuously vomit a Dan medicine and just make me step into Wu Zhe's its road of,,lancel bags 2012, only this small Ding finally drive a person capture, this person is the elder of martial Jing hospital, exclusively manage finance of, this matter is my secret, only I just know how use that small Ding,, so I had been being not killed as well, ha ha ……"
Say an end,buy oakley sunglasses cheap, the voice of the old is more and more small, the Zhuo feather with bate breath listens to.
"Using the method of that small Ding is blood feeding that wants to use an oneself,lancel bags dali, until until ……" old didn't finish saying, shut last double eyes, his life also arrives this end.
The Zhuo feather kneels down toward the old, Kou three, because he must get that small Ding from now on!
"To use the Ding that the blood feeds settle however isn't any thing!"The Zhuo feather once sees of although the treasure things are few, but the treasure things once owned, the universe bead in his body is a different treasure.
Cage the inside is very dusk, the person is also few, the old departs from this life in addition to the Zhuo feather knew, the others didn't discover.
"Boy, you can go out."A big fellow suddenly towards the cage of Zhuo feather to shout a way.
Peeped out surprise on the Zhuo feather face of it color, he have never thought Dong Yi Yun unexpectedly had so and then give°ed him to save to go out, and the current identity of Dong Yi Yun is Dong Yi Yao, Dong Yi Yao is one to grow a beautiful woman,ladies oakley sunglasses, although the background with Dong Jia, want to make a person to go out from the Jing Wu Yuan Tian's prison is not so simple either.
Prison in the sky,, the Zhuo feather sees Qin widely sign a dynasty, he walks.
Qin widely signs the in front of arriving at the Zhuo feather, then depresses voice to say:"You control breath quite good!Dong Jia parties to be responsible for the person of this matter is Dong Jia, daughter, Dong Yi Yao, , , the her relationship with summer Lan is quite good, the summer Lan helps you ask for a favor, Dong Yi Yao just pass yours, you return to quickly, the summer Lan is waiting you!"
Intentionally peeped out surprised air on the Zhuo feather face, in the heart but feel funny, because Dong Yi Yun originally be come to save his.
The figure that looking at Zhuo feathers, Qin widely signs of face up peeped out complicated air, sigh a way in the heart:
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