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lascel wood way
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TOPIC: lascel wood way

lascel wood way 11 months, 1 week ago #106331

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Total style's looking is a comfortable heart very much, frugal and natural.
Wait just about time of half hour after, spirit impress just and a few elders come leisurely, Lin Si's uprising smiled to order a to at last say "hello".
The spirit impress point nods and sit to ascend side of the seat of host go and looking at Lin Si to directly ask a way:"Do you want water of life?"
Lin Si Yi Leng turns a head to see toward two females and see 2 people nod to him and then understand them last night in addition to Lin Si wasn't the person of this world outside, other everythings all have already said with spirit impress.
Now that the topic have been already clearly picked, Lin Si needs not has scruples about,
lascel wood, either what, at that moment nod a way:"Yes,, this is the main purpose that I come to spirit city."
"You should know water of life of precious,
louis vuitton purse, the spirit clan also has no how much, give you a drop of little 1 drop."The spirit impress faced Lin Si to have no the benignity last night, but cheerless way.
Lin Si doesn't think idea, privately is a brothers, quarrel on the negotiation table of matter he saw many in the permafrost time.Have no friendship forever on the negotiation table,
lancel bag, only have a benefits.Spirit impress also for giving the spirit one clan to seek a greater benefits,, therefore have to start to put a face.
"Said clearly,!I don't like the beat around the bush, the impress can put forward your condition."Lin Si says.
Spirit impress suddenly of on smiling, 100 livings and slightly says with smile:"Lin Si, you can take what come to exchange water of life?"The spirit impress isn't silly either, kicked ball back to give Lin Si,!
Lin Si's seeming to be early to expect spirit impress will have this skill, in no hurry uprising way:"I provide three conditions to come out, the impress can choose an among those as switching conditions and remember, can choose 1,"
Lin Si stretches out a finger, way:"The first,
lancel bags price, I owe your spirit clan one personal feeling, in the days to come you the spirit clan is difficult, I will make moves to help you once, or can do a matter for your spirit clan, a drop of water of life changes me to work oneslf to the bone once, you not Kui!"
Lin Si sees toward the spirit impress, there is no facial expression on the impress face, Lin Si stretches out two fingers immediately after way:"The second, I can teach the spirit clan 1-2 kinds of self - disciplines achievement method to you, certainly, the premise is a suitable your spirit self-discipline, the physical endowment that I didn't check your spirit clan, can not promise ability self-discipline, but once can self-discipline,
louis vuitton purses, your real strenght will include a breakthrough for leaping,
lancel purses usa."
The spirit impress vision gleamed for a while, complexion some very tiny ideas moved, even those elders are also all tiny tiny a pleased.Who all know that the spirit clan can not fix
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