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he at Jing Wu Yuan in also just regard as here a to temporarily dwell of ground
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TOPIC: he at Jing Wu Yuan in also just regard as here a to temporarily dwell of ground

he at Jing Wu Yuan in also just regard as here a to temporarily dwell of ground 11 months, 1 week ago #106237

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Various glorious record of events of Zhuo feather, fly soon of spread in the folks!
People all know that want ~only the Zhuo feather is in the Jing in the middle of Wu Yuan the smooth graduation and is a wonderful person in the future!
Zhuo feather now not only and Long Jia is more and more dangerous towards ascending,, and Jing three elders within Wu Yuans also to Zhuo feather deeply concerned at heart,sac easy flirt lancel, his circumstances,lancel bags in france, even if many persons who want to fructify him,have no that courage.
At Jing Wu Yuan in person,loui vuitton bag, everybody has household, if the lane isn't good,,gucci bag black, the lane even will embroil own household, but many people know, if according to taking the long view, Zhuo feather in the future settle however is many public enemies of general situation dint, even if he carries an incomparable skill, natural endowments native endowments, have never dared to become friends with him as well.
Turned an eye to pass by for a month,gucci outlet store locations,, Zhuo feather these days had never gone out as well, he all day long all is in the self-discipline, or is try to do tower in, his gold just inside the dint is also more and more pure.
He comes to this Jing Wu Yuan already a few months, he is basically all self-educated in my noodles, the nobody has already pointed out his, he at Jing Wu Yuan in also just regard as here a to temporarily dwell of ground, much more safe than the outside in my noodles at least, his shadow turns magical power to deal with the words of having two people and pour still can, if is a group of persons, that he the basic milli- is out of the running.
"As long as I promote the real strenght to the 5 F in the day after tomorrow, the shadow turns time of keeping on of magical power to raise, I can go out to take a walk."
The Zhuo feather is just foolish now at do exercises in gymnastics building in, he is all foolish here all day long very of ailment, and he always thinks a demon monster meat,ray bans cheap, so he has already had some no time for waiting.
"Zhuo feather, you come out for me!"The summer Lan breeze breeze fire fire intruded into the house of Zhuo feather inside.
Zhuo feather at do exercises in gymnastics building in,, suddenly heard familiar voice, later on quickly go out.
"Elder sister Lan, you closed!Congratulate the 7 F that you promote the day after tomorrow!"The Zhuo feather smilingly says, the double eye beats to turn on summer Lan, at Jing Wu Yuan in also only the summer Lan relate to with him better.
Summer Lan's being dressed in the long skirt of a set of purple color today and dressing is bewitchingly beautiful with that sort before,, only her look in the eyes gives person a kind of very strange felling, very charming, very seductive, can make people get stick in generally.
"The dead boy really has never thoughts you to hide so deeply, you really ask for trouble!"The summer Lan didn't like saying of spirit, however her in the mind enjoy Zi Zi of, because she has never seen to walk eye, the Zhuo feather indeed as expected isn't a simple person, just 17 many year old, the disputes asking for out are unprecedenteds.
In fact and most
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