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lancel miss lancel The burning star ordered to nod a way
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TOPIC: lancel miss lancel The burning star ordered to nod a way

lancel miss lancel The burning star ordered to nod a way 11 months, 1 week ago #105829

  • dumplxhgdz40
?The burning evil old Zu smiles of hoping and blazing star.The space of surroundings but is in a twinkling held still.All things also all stopped.Even wrap up time to pass of is also the slowness in a hundred years.The burning star is to the slightest can not move.The fluxion of blood inside the body,,
lancel miss lancel,, heart palpitates, breath also all is static.
This is the nature and man to unite as one, control one square world.The burning evil old Zu released for the control of the surroundings, burning star also finally from got away from among them.
Is very fierce!The ray of light greatly puts in the burning star eyes of stare at burning evil old Zu.This was the nature and man to unite as one, controled the whole state.
Know why get into an absolute being rank the superior after,, the life will become is very endless?The burning evil old Zu hopes burning star way.
Should be the relation that achieves an absolute being body?Burning star some don't dare to affirm of way.If his affirmation would think like this before, but now his indetermination.
This is just insignificant an among those aspect.Achieve an absolute being body, can make the absolute being body stronger, certainly,, because the to build up of absolute being body, the life span will also strengthen Be getting more.However this isn't all most important.The burning evil old Zu stares at burning star way:"Because the nature and man unites as one of state.The absolute being rank superior can let time of body surroundings passes of more of slowness.So the life is to become more endless."
The nature and man unites as one, longevity.The ray of light in the burning star eyes but is more prosperous.He early knows that this world is a world that is been similar to to myth.The longevity should also not calculate what rare affair.However he always still not dared to believe too much.But now,
sac lancel adjani occasion, he believed.The nature and man unites as one of state,
lancel mens bags, this will be him hereafter of pursue.
These are all mankind to pursue,
lancel bucket bag, burning evil sighed tone of way:"We person's clan is a race with extremely brief life which.Also only pass continuous self-discipline,
louis vuitton online outlet, so as to truely get away from to die.However have again how many persons can succeed?1,000,000 people in can have an is also all quite good."
Yes!The burning star ordered to nod a way:"If can keep on living,
boutique lancel paris, who again would like to die.Die what all nonexistent."
You are very lucky, burning evil old Zu way:"With you like this of natural intelligence,, want to break an absolute being rank, but want to want than the others in brief too many."
I also feel so, the burning star smiled to say with smile.In fact he was really very lucky, quite good family background, extraordinary natural intelligence.These other people long for day and night of thing, he
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