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gucci bags sale wench
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TOPIC: gucci bags sale wench

gucci bags sale wench 11 months ago #105741

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The breeze has never wanted and sought the second woman, whole life, leaf's working properly has been all right already.
" Breeze, I am to play trick with you."The leaf works properly a positive color way:" Breeze, we chose to practice moral teachings this road, time had already lost meaning to us, in this endless life, want to make our life more meaningful.To, I admit that I am selfish in feelings, if is before, if you dared to make a woman in the outside, I you are there to slice."
", , , " Cold sweat the forehead keep coming out from the Luo breeze.
"However I have found now and in fact let your many a little younger sister Weis the woman like this is also quite good, you don't feel to be like little younger sister Wei the girl like this feels a degree is that the sky is rare, is the human life in no way"
"Wench, little younger sister Wei belongs to that kind of, I see You Lian's girl, however feelings, the business of demand feels, think we at the beginning so, the tortoise at the right moment takes worthy of a look to the green lentil."
"You are a tortoise."Little witch Chen way:"No matter, this young lady greatly delivers mercy and gives you the opportunity to make track for an another girl, you want to hold and then hold by yourself, however I can tell you, led village and then have no this store, go together with of top my man of also little younger sister Wei is a , others, ask for hasty, Hey Hey, result you know."
"Like, wench, we don't chat this, everything is according to situation.To, and baby?"
"Be taken by the strange stone old man to have fun."The little witch says with smile:"Our baby daughter indeed as expected the magic power is endless, that strange stone old man at ordinary times pretty smelly fart of, however meet with a little baby have no then, connect take of collect be all wanted a lot by the baby."
"Work properly son, at the Earth a hundred years, baby already formal self-discipline absolute being mountain ghost sword, this wench makes progress is also biggest, this pouring is worth and delighted."The Luo breeze smile way:"However we the place body environment isn't a peace now age, although have no a necessity to make the baby take part in combat,also want to let he has self-preservation ability under the circumstance that accident, so I after wanting wait evil college of fairy to school begins make the baby fix only the Gu is nine swords, the bond maid idea is pure, exactly to build a period, perhaps ability Wu only Gu nine swords of profound meaning."
"This you decide."The leaf works properly a way:"However we can not force, either baby's self-discipline, everything regards the baby's will as principle, I hope the baby's childhood is happiness but again fine.",
"Certainly, we can not let to appear the tragedy on us to appear in the baby's world, only the baby is happy, be not think self-discipline I also not return to force her."
"Red empty son, your rising don't make me meet with you forever, otherwise I absolutely make you beg to living not get, beg dead not ability
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