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boutique lancel 77 Ze Ze Ze
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TOPIC: boutique lancel 77 Ze Ze Ze

boutique lancel 77 Ze Ze Ze 11 months, 1 week ago #105699

  • zanpdnge96
Quickly deeply one Yi.
Entering a mansion to cover especially is the really the most wide, inside inside of the station building Ge preface is wrong to fall to, plants small river rockery every kind is supplied here, concealed fairyland among someones of simple elegance, clouds and mist Qin embraces watermelon leaf, stare continuously all the way, cannot help but making a noise to praise highly.
The square tube is also praising highly, just he praises highly of is as irrelevant as beautiful scenery, just continuously stare at especially enter mansion inside to come and go of servant girl:"Ze Ze!!This wench is really beautiful!Ze Ze Ze!This small girl figure.."
Go one Zhu joss-stick effort, just walk to a Gui under the attic, the body way of Long Yu Gong:"My daughter is then on the second floor.."Say, tooking a look a square the tube and Tang Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Hao is one eye.
"You slightly sit in the down stairs first, my one person let him go up."Understood when leave Qin signed.
Once the tube of the square wish the shape of seeing daughter Long Yu and see leave Qin such to order, one face of not feeling not wish, had to Du mouth to promise 1.
Long Yu appreciates of should a , flurried order person hello quite a few person, just take leave Qin to go upstairs.
This Gui Ge decoration of pretty much elegance sweet, white silk fabric green Duan, concealed have light of female fragrant, ascend the second floor, see the servant girl of a facial appearance Jiao Qiao is carrying water wiping noodles to permit for the woman of Ta, see Long Yu come up, the favour starts to salute:"Master."
Long Yu ordered to nod:"Blare Feng, you descend first."
Be called the servant girl of blaring the Feng Shi Yi Li lower the head to back again bottom.
"Small Xia, this is my daughter, also invite small Xia to look into her condition."Long Yu is long long of sighed 1.
Leave Qin's noodles is expressionless tiny to nod, come forward several steps, arrive at before the Ta.
The woman facial appearance reveals in his at present moment, leave Qin then feel his/her own at heart suddenly be what things and lightly bumped for a while.
Woman at most 23-year-old age, but living of lips red noodles white, looks such as draw, the long thin eyelashes are tiny to vibrate, let people cannot help but associating that long thin eyes to open will how beautiful Mou color, the show of utter darkness dissipates of disorderly bed side, more Chen get the skin color is like snow, slightly spacious forehead, under the delicate facial features, anti- pour some unique amiability.
Originally should youth cheery young girl, at present but have no to angrily lie to pour in the bed, added more for three cents, Chu Chu feels pity on.
Leave Qin absorbed tone and recovered mood.
Evil way pay attention to of be do as one pleases feeling, see fine business, the heart livings fancy, the root is a heart.
Just this a moment combine isn't suitable for to reveal, the urgent matter of the moment still sees her actually what matter.
Right away stretch out four fingers, grasp young girl jade
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