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buy oakley sunglasses cheap After being upset
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TOPIC: buy oakley sunglasses cheap After being upset

buy oakley sunglasses cheap After being upset 11 months ago #105273

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White turns pale.
Han Dan Ji rise the Hao mirror in the sky, the Hao brightens while signing prosperous, on keeping on brushing, that monster Ai is a , the Tan pours in the ground and died.
The young girl still hasn't yet recovered from a fright, for a long time after recovering, walk to come forward, facing Han Dan deeply one gift, say:"Thank the hero Helps of boon."
Han Dan puts a hand and says:"Ask for a while, where is this ?"This is the problem that he concerns most now.
"Black forest."The young girl rushes toward Shan bright eyes to say.
Answer not ask, or, ask a problem.
"E, " Han Dan deliberates a short moment and says, "I am to say the world of our place, the human life, still hell?"
The young girl doubt ground saw his one eye and seemed to be not that understand he why want to ask a such a funny question, however face this lifesaver, and then seem to have no from resist heart in have ask to necessarily answer of enthusiasm:"I listen to person once say, we are this world, be called fix Luo's way, fix Luo's way outside, also have five, is a sorcery way, humality ……"
"Weng" of a , as if a bomb fall in the brain, deep-fried he is muddle-headed to change direction.
Although is muddle-headed to change direction, he still the subconscious ground stared at one eye girl, want to see the cajolery in the her eyes, however that clearly clean such as the eyes of the mirror inside, start to be suffused with of, only have sincere, only have have no evil.
Is this what is the row?Is how can disheveled hair to go together with to this bird don't move bowels of place?Did the transmigration of soul car wheel appear mechanical trouble?This is scarcely open, burn to kill to plunder to steal to rob to abduct how to once do from cradle to the grave, even if is dry the contribution for lead, carrying to develop God's way, what fault also all offsetted.
In the heart after yelling 3,200 times,
The first mind tries to commit suicide.
The second mind gives up a suicide, because he is once dead, die again, is hungry ghost way or beast way, that not and more miserably?
The third mind returns to and all anyway wants to return to.
But, road, where?
Is vacant, after is upset.
After being upset, is sigh:Since come it, then Anne it, seek first to stop for a rest place, settle down, again take more time to consider.
Insensibly, he takes aim look in the eyes and hope silently to in the moment clean and pure young girl.
The young girl sees his facial expression the winds and clouds generally change the Huan is endless, from usually become shocked, from shocked change into vexation from angrying to change into a sorrow, at last is unexpectedly changed into by sorrow to puzzlingly make people abrupt to living the offensiveness for taking precautions against to challenge.
Young girl subconscious ground the countermarch is two, very careful say:"You, how?"
"I am all right, " Han Dan suddenly wakes up with a start and did to cough for a while and put
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