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lancel usa the person's soul pacify
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TOPIC: lancel usa the person's soul pacify

lancel usa the person's soul pacify 11 months ago #105172

  • rjupstng99
Dissimilarity usually of thing.
In his visual field,
lancel usa, this pure far temple is covered with 1 F invisible of in the spirit of good omen, may be seen indistinctly Buddha only, in addition, that is pure the rather faraway clock blares of voice, linger in the ears of ripple extension,
cheap gucci clothing,, the person's soul pacify, even have some the effect of concentrating the pure heart.
This is the Buddha!
Manies in any heart various feeling Wus, Buddhism achievement method and evil way, have clearly contrary artistic conception.
If converse a Buddha way, that is evil!
Whereas, abandon an evil way, the repentance is salvation is then it a Buddha.
"Xi Xi, rather let's worship Buddha to burn joss stick."
Small princess any.
"Good." Any nod, the but again added 1:
"You burn joss stick, I looking at on the side."
Want him to kowtow to this Buddhism icons, but is impossible.
"Hum."Small princess Jue Jue mouth, pull distance cloud to fly to walk in temples.
Any doesn't mind, didn't also intend to follow these 2 people, aimless stroll to concuss in the pure far temple.
"The cold far mountain is me with**the place of Xi appointment, don't know I when the time comes where will meet with her?"
Any launches absolute being to know and starts observing various view in the pure far temple.
In fact, the temples leaves to also have no good-looking of, nothing but is some statue of Buddhas and monk.
"H'm, my seeing these ordinary mortals are how to burn joss sticks."
In any heart on moving, arrived at a certain temples to leave.
This temples is very big, the inside still towers aloft one is dignified and kindly face reading, the feet step the woman of lotus set, she that continuously the hair elegance is in the unreal and give white jade bottle, sweetly and lightly smile, give person aery mysterious United States.
Any eyes see this fairy statue of Buddha,, the noodles exposes the color of anchor man E and curiously asks the flank monk:"This statue of Buddha is who the person is incredibly a woman and pour is hardly see."
Once that monk listen to this speech, tiny tiny one Zheng, soon after have a fit a way:"You are this ordinary people boy, unexpectedly dare to humiliate a saint Buddha, this is the big sad big Buddhism Ci the Nian jade view sound."
Big Ci big sad Nian jade view sound?
"Is sorry,
oakleys sunglasses cheap, I am to come to see scenery, not a Buddhism follower ……"
Any way that disagrees, then very whole with the hoping of Xia is toward these ordinary mortals for burning incense and praying.
"You you ……" monk is great anger,, but also helpless to him.
The other party isn't a Buddha letter from home
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