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lancel reyes get empty Shan to fall but descend from the half.BE falling into a half of
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TOPIC: lancel reyes get empty Shan to fall but descend from the half.BE falling into a half of

lancel reyes get empty Shan to fall but descend from the half.BE falling into a half of 11 months, 1 week ago #105146

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!"South temple handsome light way 1.Immediately the double Zhang matches ten,, sword without cause"Shua Shua" of the foot divided more than ten pair of, horizontal by the side of his body.Effort of winking, connects a person to take sword to together shot into white dress!
The white dress sees don't move,
lancel reyes, just the sword copy after shadow of human figure once wore he, south temple's being handsome and then being like 1 is shot medium big bird, connect the person take swords all from in out of the sky turned over down.The appearance is very and distress!
Su's deer has been thinking this south temple handsome smelly fart of tight,
louis vuitton online outlet, should nothing important true skill, don't think that the way is unexpectedly also a sword fairy grade, can even if sword fairy also drive on recruiting to fall to hurt,, even the other party all didn't°yet does recruit, what kind of real strenght is at present this person exactly?
"The gun tees off a bird, since you are the first station to come out,, that I am the first and then send you to return west!"White dress a finish, be then like meteor generally, get empty Shan to fall but descend from the half.BE falling into a half of, another side same ray of light and speed in Shan blue are the quickest,, get empty to collide with each other in the half with it.This bumps and sends out the sound of huge"bang", the whole grounds all oscillated.Two light balls are all played a part!
White only ball station settle, again rear a body form of white dress,, hope this with the surprising look in the eyes abrupt however appear of person.After that blue light ball reveals in material body, public all surprised shout,
lancel french flair, this person is south temple house of Zhang door-south temple green night.
"Are you the Zhang door of south temple house now?"White dress despise a way.
South temple the green night pass by just of that bumped shot, although is equally floated to float half empty, but some physical strengths could not stand up of status.He knits the brows a way:"The yous, you might it not be are the thes in the altar ……"
Words haven't finished saying, the other party roars with laughter a way:"That's right, in those early years the bird persons of saint spring parties,
lancel australia, sealed me to print for thousand years.Hum!I finally came out today and waited!I came to seek you to calculate Zhang to come one by one."
South temple the green night knit the brows a way:"Might it not be the sky wants Wu I south temple one clan!"Finish saying, unexpectedly returned Luo blood.Obviously is just that bumped and then was bumped a severely wounded.
Connect Zhang doors all thus defenseless, Su's deer at the moment really be a little bit nervous.The real strenght of this devil indeed as expected deeply can not measure.
The white dress"Xiu" ground one appear at south temple green night before the body, carry to have him all alone,
lancel bag black, be like start to carry a chick."You have peace of mind to go to!"South temple green night desire flounder,
discount louis vuitton bags, this just discovers own arms and legses all to be penned generally and moved not get!
"Do not harm my clansmen, they
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