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louis vuitton official website mens Slowly Hao drive Xu Ze Ma the facial expression hair is black
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TOPIC: louis vuitton official website mens Slowly Hao drive Xu Ze Ma the facial expression hair is black

louis vuitton official website mens Slowly Hao drive Xu Ze Ma the facial expression hair is black 11 months, 1 week ago #105109

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, Let the manager don't need a list for us …that won't do, that won't do …if my daddy knows to also kill me …"
Two boys hanged up a telephone, at this time but is spraying wine spirit, red fix attention on an exciting way:Three boys in"walk … stare at that to serve as soldier of, don't make him give to run …"s hurriedly ran out, toward the hall make track for pass by"
The Xu Ze nature can't run at this time, he is blocking up Xu Hao in the hall of go to road"the positive Sen coldly stare at Xu Hao now, cold track:"You still know to run … see to you pour is know that you is disgraced to see my this elder brother …"
Xu Hao Wei shrinks neck to looking at in the moment full face Sen cold elder brother, flash across in eye one silk Be surprised to fear to,
louis vuitton official website mens, finally way:"Know wrong number" of"elder brother … I know it's wrong* ……" listenned to slowly Hao Geng this for a long time and finally vomited this, the Sen in Xu Ze Yan cold color's pouring was more very and lightly smiled a way:"Do I still think that you don't know …"
"You boy peacetime courage big, however I pour is to don't thought of, you can make one matter like this … you know, if allow the father mother to know you now this appearance, they will have much sad 111"
See slowly the Hao admit mistake,,
lancel maroquinerie femme, Xu Ze the wrath at this time finally start venting and got angry with ground to looking at Xu Hao, Nu voice precept way:"You see you … be like what appearance, drink, smoke … now also the Ke medicine- … you don't think that the father mother is provided for our three brother and sister to study it's much not easy …"
"Now like,, give you more to order living expenses, you could do everything …you have to know, you study of money is the hard-earned money that the father's mother's penny penny earns out;Your living expenses is also your elder brother, I study by the side of the outside,, the side is part-time to earn back …as long as you have peace of mind to study,
ladies oakley sunglasses,, you see you now …have never become to spend, fool your elder sister, sell me the computer for buying for you …"
Lookinging at quilt oneself Xun's facial expression is more and more black,
cheap oakley sunglasses sale, but eye in full is Xu Hao of the Fen not, Xu Ze also more feels disappointment, sad …hate a track:"You see you … you now this appearance, smoke,
cheap oakleys sunglasses, drink, Ke medicine … heel bludger where is the difference, you call how I trust to hand over to you the father mother 111"
Slowly Hao drive Xu Ze Ma the facial expression hair is black,, original have some to flush under the incitement of the alcohol and the medicine of eyes,
loui vuitton purses, but was more and more red to get up, turn a head to took a look flank which round to come over gradually of person, also pregnant empress that doesn't know what after have already run to come over of three classmates, all looking at oneself drive
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