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TOPIC: two years after

http://raybanoriginalwayfarerb​ two years after 11 months, 1 week ago #105061

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Have been already arrived in a certain powerful supporter of crest layer, so Sun Jia.BE caring diagram to find out another dependable powerful supporter, but marriage's seeming Sun Jia is in an affair of consideration
The analysis of seeing the penknife comes out of data, slowly the Ze cans not help ground wrinkle up eyebrows, he now just truely understand master son and Lee more the facial expression meaning after making sure the affair of himself/herself and Sun Ling Fei .
Still have traverse thin had been being not willing to face oneself before and he of the reason of feelings,
"Knife,,, do you say that I have an opportunity?.Xu Ze pondered half to ring and finally and lightly sighed to ask a way.
"Have, and as long as can after insisting the graduation of Sun Ling Fei , so your opportunity very big, at least have 80%" penknife has no of hesitant,
"Two years?.Xu Ze Yang Yang eyebrow way.
"H'm, two years,
sac adjani lancel, want ~only your enough caution and effort,, two years, if don't have an accident, you will have is good enough to with Sun Jia's shoulder to shoulder of identity".The penknife breaks to settle tunnel very much,,
oakley titanium sunglasses,
"Is all right, that two years, hope that we can insist" Xu Ze looking at to only hold to up show of data,
lancel wallet, suddenly smile:"Still some whose data" all make me very good-looking to see me to work well some preparation and see future and need to be faced from the bow some what opponent"
Only hold the above appearance, one the page is a flash across.Xu Ze's noodles' permitting is gradually more and more serious,, see these people and these data, he now just calculate understand,
oakley sunglasses polarized, oneself walks ascend this road, need to be resisted how much of thing.
This turn son inside of Yan city exactly embeds how much thing and embed how much terrible of real strenght,
"How?Be getting more frightened?"
"Have no" to just feel pressure very big"Xu Ze very honest tunnel."H'm, pressure greatly is naturally, however.Have me, two years after, we should be able to own enough real strenght, greatly not, we directly robbed her to come out me to think that this should be the very difficult affair, .Penknife very earnest tunnel.
Xu Ze also lightly location nod, way:"H'm, if is so, that we rob, anyway I once said, when the time comes even if is rob to also want to rob what she come back"
The Yan city of summer is still very blazing hot.Although invited to have supper,
ray ban wayfarer uk, however,, Sun Ling Fei still kept early and early and then coming out"2 people mutually invite at an environment good French restaurant meet.
Xu Ze early and early and then heel Lee more put forward to lend a car and saw slowly the Ze want to lend a car, Lee more from
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