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lancel pocketbooks the smiling face on the face more brilliant.
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TOPIC: lancel pocketbooks the smiling face on the face more brilliant.

lancel pocketbooks the smiling face on the face more brilliant. 11 months, 2 weeks ago #81629

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The mother's face, the this kind of affair Feng pure dance nature can't do!
Mother female 3 people Be silent to come down all of a sudden, the Feng pure Ru spirit shouts of become overdo to go, would not like to see a mother again.The Feng pure dance looking at the behavior of younger sister's childishness, funny and good spirit in heart.
Only 2 people's mother, but is that the facial expression is a bit not good-looking!
This time, the Feng pure dance suddenly talked:"Mother, daughter free treasure bottle, that space ring doesn't want let it be.Is much less, there is so many crystal stone in this cave, enough numerous people at the same time self-discipline of use, just with our 3 people, even if exhaust whole life, and then consume how much?!"
Looking at a mother that change Huan of air, the Feng pure dance immediately after says:"If say that the Xing Ming is an outsider, this nature is quite good.But, if have no him, how may we discover these stone houses again?Is much less, if have no Xing the Ming mutually save, we now possibility all already the body is in jailbird's prison, the daughter even all wanted to become Meng to show forbiding of Yang Luan!Under the such condition, the Xing Ming still don't rise any greedy thought, is this still not enough with the personal character that explains him?"
Her mother but hum a way:"This can not definitely, he not rises greedy thought, probably because of doing not dare.You are Wu Ling, not those the force teacher force fixs of type of martial can compare!"
"Mother, this you are getting wronger!"The romantic feeling cries a wry smile way:"The real strenght of the Xing Ming, will never at I under!Even ……probably far far above me!"
Her mother is getting more shocked, lose a track:"Is that boy Wu Ling?He is just many big?"
The Feng pure dance affirms of order, say:"That's right, he is Wu Ling!"
As for age ……oneself at the beginning also drive shocking lead!The Feng pure dance secretly says.
This time, but the Xing Ming is beaming with smiles, and then walked to come in, said with smile:"Did three companies finish measuring?"
At his after death, Kang 婼 three human faces take to don't understand of follow, lookinging at of some hostilitieses Feng is pure to dance 3 people at the same time.Return kindness with hatred to the other party, 3 people disdain very much.
At this time, Feng the mother of the pure dance then no longer talks, straight-tempered head don't pass by.Very obviously, her meaning is to say, oneself is since beyond the power to care, and that was simply to ignore.
"Xing eldest brother, you came back!"The Feng pure Ru sees the Xing Ming come back, immediately and happy get up, run all of a sudden to big black body side, play with 牠 !
The Xing Ming cans not help a smiling.
The Feng pure dance looking at to has ready plans to meet a situation of Xing Ming, can not help white his one eye, immediately make his whole body at ease, the smiling face on the face more brilliant.
"This space ring, you take to go to!"Feng pure dance
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