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handbag louis vuitton "The Xing Ming sneers at 1 and hums a way
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TOPIC: handbag louis vuitton "The Xing Ming sneers at 1 and hums a way

handbag louis vuitton "The Xing Ming sneers at 1 and hums a way 11 months, 1 week ago #81617

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Unexpectedly is the super strong of a martial soul Class?"This guess, let thin Gao the old immediately heart in a tight, if true of such, oneself's brothers is 2 people, perhaps is difficult!
"Field ice Meng house?"The Xing Ming sneers at 1 and hums a way:"A group of chickens blare the dog thief's Tu just!"
"Boy, do you presume the Meng house as enemy?!"That thin Gao the old immediately great anger, the but again doesn't dare to hastily begin, Be just staring at of hatred poison Xing Ming.
"Is with Meng house an enemy?Haven't to dare?!"Xing Ming despise of on smiling, actually, he early has already been an enemy with Meng house.The Meng shows Yang, 342 elders of Meng house, and that two Yes, all at last fold Ji at his hand in!
Talk in the Xing Ming of a short moment, that short fat old, have already quietly rounded Xing Ming after death, two olds form the power of matching the shot to the Xing Ming!
"Small beast, since you have to seek dead, that not want a strange old man hand Be getting hotter!"Is thin Gao the old see oneself occupying advantage and canning not helping Yin smiling.
Chapter 227 thunderbolt(next)
Chapter 227 thunderbolt(next)
"Two younger brothers begin!"The thin Gao the old suddenly and suddenly and violently drinks a , meanwhile, the lance lightning flash sort in the his hand stabs and winks the noodles door that was Xing Ming.
At this time, but the Xing Ming has no the slightest of fluster, sees his double eyes suddenly a flash across a benefit long grass, the feet step the secrets of heaven to tread, the body form uncannily rows an a curve on the ground and in a twinkling once avoided thin Gao the old stab of lance.
Meanwhile, burst upon one shining dazzling benefit sword of chasing in the hand of Xing Ming, it up twinkles huge energy motion and keeps sting but go, imitate the monster of the Buddha a head of Zhang Zhu's big mouth, will lose that Gao the old one mouthful swallow!
Is thin Gao the old immediately frightened matchless, instinct of right on the spot on rolling, may may once avoid the lance of Xing Ming, but seem to be in most distressed!But Xing Ming, but the slightest don't give him time of buffer.Sees once his wrist tremble, the secrets of heaven step launches with all strength, whole personal moment pulls up four cripple shadow, the in a flash then surrounded thin Gao the old.
"There is a skill again staying away!"Five Xing Mings suddenly and violently drink at the same time a , the slightest regardless of after death the attack of that short fat old, in the hand five stab to the shining lance lightning flash sort.
In a flash, on the lance that dazzling ray of light, the owners of sting all can not help shutting last eyes.
Here for an instant, the figure of Xing Ming already uncannily arrive at thin Gao the old before the body, tightly besiege it, but have never continued to attackstone.
Because, although that thin Gao the old is completely placed in bad situation,he is after all a high level of Wu Ling Qiang,
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