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lancel handbags prices heavily say
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TOPIC: lancel handbags prices heavily say

lancel handbags prices heavily say 11 months, 1 week ago #81607

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45 knives, the knife finally stopped to no longer move at square the chest of the south, square the south send out a gasping of"Si Si" voice in mouth, the blood is from the heart jet come old Gao, immediately square south in front drive the blood dyed a person's arm.
Is an in deep autumn in don't wear the arm of clothes drive square the blood of the south dye red dew come out.Is square south felling oneself the energy on the body run off in a little, leg already have no*prop up bodily weight.He the Wei is in the ground a while.The arm grasping in the hand also loosenned to open.
I did this die?
This was already the square south to ask so oneself, the last time was own square southern body, but this time, is already second time.Square the south remembered he dies that day ofly, in the dizzy time of past dead he sees of prospects.
No matter is Li Si especially still I, can not escape past?The square south self-ridicule smiled to smile.It were under the wiping of newspaper to looking at that arm another quick disappearances.Have a small foot sound in empty empty alley.The square south ear sticks hit the ground noodles, finally heard his voice.
If encore?Finally thought of in the square south heart.Then, he sank into exhaustive blackness!
Chapter 16 brings to life for the second time
Ticket ticket!!!
Pa!Pa!Pa!A burst of and loud and clear foot sound suddenly rings out, in this silent small beard together in particularly clear, air's taking the rust color knife blade of blood be suddenly thrown by strength to go out and fallen off ground in distance up, then a burst of and small step voice gradually and far goes.
The step voice of Pa Pa wassoon here, dusky light next, the chest dyes the square south of blood to lie on the ground, the body bottom has already flowed an one dark and red blood.Garbage of ground miscellaneous visit indiscriminately, surroundings calmness abnormality, make here seem to be very uncanny.
Two people ran to come over, is exactly a the way is 2 elder brother and midnights, the midnight just expects with mulberry at the time that Si contested arm drive failed for a while, don't naturally seem to be very at this time, the iron ball is held by another hand, but way elder brother but don't get hurt, 2 people stop the corpse of the south at the square side, immediately surprised live.
"Way elder brother, he, he died!!!"The midnight promise promise says.
Way elder brother the body in Fu, cautiously took a look to look up at sky but pour of square the chest of the south, heavily say:"Yes, dead, chest at least drive Tong five times.See to someone start earlier than us.But how don't take his person's head?Don't for the sake of the bounty kill him?"
At this time, square the corpse of the south suddenly took out for a while and frightenned of way elder brother hurriedly and backward the Shan back, the corpse after taking out for a while unexpectedly breaks out the white ray of light of the mightiness, a
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