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lancel suitcase Does "the Suo Long is astounded on the spot
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TOPIC: lancel suitcase Does "the Suo Long is astounded on the spot

lancel suitcase Does "the Suo Long is astounded on the spot 11 months, 1 week ago #81594

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, How does this light hair man seem to where once see?"
The felling of going home is different, looking at in front,, a piece acquaints with of face, the mind of Fu book treasure could not help returning to that warm in home, don't know spring orchid for autumn chrysanthemum, the summer bamboo winter plum they are four at stem what, crack dried melon seeds still just each other to show their new suits?
Although eager to return home, Fu book treasure have to cope with at present situation.At this time the Zhi Ni is graceful have already stood down wagon,
lancel suitcase, in the tiger Ling and a group of saint orchid Ms. Guo hugging of Cu down arrive the in front of the Suo Long of tiger city castellan.His this cultural ambassador has to also want to go to be ceremonious in the etiquette.Just jumped down wagon,, he hear Suo Long that hasing much of the laughter of special feature.
"Is aha,
outlet louis vuitton!, saint orchid country with us show a country is to have a good nation, overflow joss-stick princess' his highness drive small city, as a castellan, I am to the utmost proper landlord ……" doesn't extremely is surging, an useless talk after the Suo Long just get into a positive, "so, please overflow joss-stick princess his highness arrive the my simple home be a guest to live."
Stand on the Suo Long nearby, greedy but dirtily ground the charming flavor that smell send forth from Ya Shen of Zhi Ni, the Hey Hey Yin says with smile in the Anne Ji heart:"Rush through to return to dig a hole of the bathhouse walls of castellan adult house under etc. ……"
But listen to Zhi Ni simple elegance thin tunnel:"Thank the beautiful idea of the castellan of Suo Long, however, I ran into on the road a youth who claims to be your tiger city, he sold to the house of his house I."
"E?Does "the Suo Long is astounded on the spot, " incredibly still have unusual happening like this?Don't know who the youth of that tiger city is?"
Zhi Ni Ya thought for a while and momentarily peeped out a sweet smiling face, "I thought of,
lancel handbags usa, he called a Fu book treasure."
Hua, Fu book treasure three words be like a record deep-fried thunder deep-fried in the top of head ring,
soldes lancel, only is a Suo Long Leng at on the spot, connect Anne Ji and Gu to receive etc. person also all dumbstruck.How can is a Fu book treasure?
"The circumstance is such of, although I can't in the tiger city stay for a long time, buy the next house to still want to take a look of,
lancel bags buy online, so,
lancel bags,, the good intentions of the castellan of Suo Long I appreciated."The Zhi Ni friendship says again.This time speak, be then coming to the on the way of tiger city and Fu book treasure the company measure good.
"Overflow the joss-stick princess' his highness to haven't to know, that Fu book treasure is in fact us tiger city of ……" Suo Long castellan complexion is embarrassed, is hesitating to want don't the head of Fu book treasure up button up an excrement basin son, let princess' his highness come around he is home to live, but listen to the friendship of Zhi Ni follow and then interrupted his words.
"The castellan of Suo Long, the Fu book treasure is that a your tiger city very learned youth is just handsome?"
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