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lancel bags dubai Sneer at in the heart of Long Ling Er
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TOPIC: lancel bags dubai Sneer at in the heart of Long Ling Er

lancel bags dubai Sneer at in the heart of Long Ling Er 11 months, 2 weeks ago #81590

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"Strong like this ……no wonder that made imperial visit sanctuary to experience long ten thousand years, haven't defeated a concealed noble family clan, rule the whole blue sky mainland!"
Sneer at in the heart of Long Ling Er, bit to grind teeth, say:"Not ability if this continues, also not want again depend on these forces.Want to kill off Xing Ming, only let black Jiao up, our these people basically isn't his opponent!"
Feng cloud Xi is tiny to nod, way:"If the black Jiao makes moves and settle however can with hand to capture!"
At this time, but the emissary of flank is a soft-voiced way:"Saint female his highness, should never attempt to thus optimistic.With the real strenght made a show of by Xing Ming just, even if is a black Jiao ……perhaps can hardly also excel him!"
"What?!"This words are a , Long Ling Er and Feng cloud Xi is shocked at the same time, can the black Jiao not excel Xing Ming?……This is absolutely playing trick.
To know black Jiao but lived long ten thousand years, and had the special technical ability that spray the fire.Only just the 牠 is that terrible meat body, isn't a generally strong can match.
But emissary says, black Jiao hard mightier than Xing Ming?
Looking at Long Ling Er and Feng cloud Xi shocked air, that emissary touched touch a chest and quelled because get hurt to bring of ache, soft-voiced way:"If the saint female his highness Mo Ji, I just say, Xing Ming if keep just that kind of status, the black Jiao should is hard to excel him."
Long Ling Er's eye neutrally engraved to rise the air that a silk craves for and flurried asked a way:"Emissary adult, your meaning BE, if let the Xing Ming keep on consume Wu Yuan Li, his real strenght will weaken.This time then is made moves by the black Jiao, then will hand to capture?"
The emissary ordered to nod, way:"Naturally!"
"So, how let the Xing Ming keep on to consume Wu Yuan Li?"Feng cloud Xi low voice asks a way, time talk, her face the last one tide is red.Just the attack of Xing Ming has already made her is subjected to not light wound, if not is to have best to work properly A protection, she early has already had no a life, where can also insist now?!
So keep on afloat and in the sky, for Wu Yuan Li's depletion a bit huge, let her a little bit insist not to live!
Long Ling Er pondered a short moment, suddenly title, vision's falling distance isn't some to apprehensive not certain of cold empty in the breeze body, "let him go to ……"
"Cold empty breeze?!The person in"Feng cloud Xi is one Zheng, " sees already didn't will to fight, have been already feared already in the heart, does he how can go again?"
Long Ling Er Yin coldly smiled:"He will go of, will definitely!"
Looking at Feng cloud Xi and emissary 2 people puzzle of air, she pointed the front manor of under of one corpse, way:"
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