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1er flirt lancel Just in the hall again the lights shine in glory
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TOPIC: 1er flirt lancel Just in the hall again the lights shine in glory

1er flirt lancel Just in the hall again the lights shine in glory 11 months, 1 week ago #81586

  • mcqvcujyh28
BE ……"the small pure air one is worried.
"Not be saying again, I have already come to a decision,
1er flirt lancel."Fu book treasure positively tunnel.
If let every time small pure appear publicly to put even, that he is in the realm of true war can not obtain a progress,
lancel handbags dubai.Hide undoubtedly is a fierce superior,, deal with at the assassin of dark place he has certain risk, but more and so, his true war ability would get breakthrough promote.So, is at present since is that one is urgent, but also is an opportunity to seldom whet to do.
Is small pure to no longer insist,
lancel paris bag price.The words of Fu book treasure are orders, but one of his order, she will completely carry out, which making her commit suicide is afraid,
After giving an account, Fu book treasure suddenly from the stone pillar after by leap and bound the door outside hurtle.
Sou!The arrows Shi breaks empty voice to again spread.
Once the Fu book treasure foot move, body immediately from straight line front blunt change to horizontal ambulation.He just on moving to open a body, two arrows Shis then one front an after, in a twinkling once shot him just of position.Immediately after is again a Mao Mao 2 sink to ring,, two arrows Shis unexpectedly put at a stone pillar at the same time on.
Take arrows to open a bow demand for certain time, this even bow and arrow technical skill again the tall shooter is no exception.When two arrows Shis end up in nothing, the Fu book treasure has already again adjusted a body form and rushes out hall doorway.
Teach a field quite on the one, city wall on also have no a warrior for standing guard.After previous combat quells, the whole black Shih-cheng fortress is go to the peripheries all sink to immerse in the night view of the utter darkness and imitate if a very much resembling city defense.
Just in the hall again the lights shine in glory,
lancel handbags usa, F square's personnel necessarily become obvious of target, but once the body sneaked into night view, the Fu book treasure then became an invisible target.Take covering of night view,, he sped ambulatory speed and by leap and bound ascended city wall.The whole situation bow and arrow assaults of process in, the other party totally shot four arrowses.This has already been good enough to judge one that assassin's place of mostly directions.
After ascending a city wall, the Fu book treasure didn't hastily stand in the city wall on search target, but hid after a city Duo,
maroquinerie.His view targets at the hillside of black fortress opposite in Shih-cheng on.
Then the position that only occupies vantage points canned once exceed a covering up of city wall and shot four arrowses, that assassin hides at that hillside on.
Bamboo bow in the sky and have 20 snake teeth arrows arrowy arrows tube drive Fu book the treasure released from the chain keep a thing to quit, in the hand,,
how to buy louis vuitton, bamboo bow in the sky's his nervous mood a little bit stabilized some.
Diffused night view in, all had the person of the bow of dint chain machine to sink into 1 kind to refuse to budge in two hands in
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