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sac lancel 1er flirt Say
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TOPIC: sac lancel 1er flirt Say

sac lancel 1er flirt Say 11 months, 1 week ago #81583

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Keep to fish for forward.But come from what Xing Ming anticipate BE, work properly an abundant big of dint here in, don't meet a head of evil monster!
"The elder brother of the Xing, you felt have no, here seem some abnormality!"The inhospitality depended to come over, pensively of the low voice say.
The Xing Ming slowly nods:"Is not very normal, the energy here compares the outer circle of evil monster mountain range, don't know heavy how much should have many badly evil monsters doubly just right!"
Have the felling of one silk discomfort unclearly in his heart, imitate in front of the Buddha to there is general huge danger.But, it happened that this forest inside silent one, there is no evil monster!
But, more different BE, the Xing Ming arrives at here, but imitates a Buddha to have the kind the felling for returning to a home, the voice for calling in heart, ratio before more of mightiness!
Is this exactly what is the row?!The Xing Ming tightly wrinkled up eyebrows.
This time, the color of the sky has been gradually dark down, the Xing Ming says:"Cold elder brother, temporarily stop bottom, before doing not explore a clear circumstance, had better not go before the night is recklessly!"
The inhospitality immediately nods, cold poem Ya Si Ren Zhao come over.
A heap of campfire rises, 5 people round to sit at on all sides, facial expression vigilance.
The Xing Ming looking at apathetic 4 people that some appearances that have no Cuo, can not help a smiling:"Cold elder brother, I am here some foods, everyone divided to eat together!"
Say, he from after death took out a calico sack, after untying, a few meat with hundred percent weight piece immediately exposed out.
Apathetic several people are immediately at present a bright, after turning over of a day mountain more Ling after, they already hunger not already, see a meat piece at present, and then how can be unmoved!
Is very quick, the heavy grilled meat flavor slowly starts to float, mentally refreshing.
Simple processing after, several people immediately start enjoying the food hugely, particularly cold poem Ya Liang's sisterses, just started canning also leisurely eat.
But very quick, 2 people can not stand hungry molestation and also can not consider of rite and started eating voraciously!
At this time, if 1 have if the voice had no ambiguously spread.
The Xing Ming immediately stood, hoping of vigilance on all sides, "everyone canned once hear what voice?!"
Several people shake head at the same time, lookinging at of doubt Xing Ming, don't understand him at stem what!
The air that sees several people, Xing Ming understand come over, look similar to last time, that voice, seem oneself only just can hear!
The Xing Ming just wanted to sit down, an imitated a Buddha to come from abyss devil of roar, suddenly spread.This orotund Hong bright pole, just from a distance spread, all imitate a Buddha is at several people
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