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louis vuitton speedy 25 the circumstance is 100
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TOPIC: louis vuitton speedy 25 the circumstance is 100

louis vuitton speedy 25 the circumstance is 100 11 months, 1 week ago #81579

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 "To, listen to a words of childe, is really a Mao to fill to open, this origin of matter Zhao Lao Ge appears publicly better, the emperor just has nothing to say.My etc. will seek Zhao Lao Ge to say,
louis vuitton speedy 25, ha ha."
Just at this time, servant to report to say Zhao Feng.Zhao Yue and what as well the Bin mutually see a to smile and arrive to mutually face before the hall.
Zhao Feng is big full head sweat to be rushed through at this time, the facial expression is very difficult to see, also no wonder that, a so big mansion has no soldier a public order,, starving masses and then many, have a people to change, first hit of is him this to know mansion adult.
However after listenning to Zhao Yue's viewpoint,
lancel handbags paris, start becoming happy, wrote memorial right away, said that the city people of Feng-lin voluntarily set up people's regiment to defend city for set, and then invite to stir to put food grass and say that coming to city in Feng-lin is all over the place starving masses for these several days toward the court for the sake of the protection home country, the database silvers all uses to buy a food, the circumstance is 100,000 very urgent and so forths, anyway city in Feng-lin is much more starving masses, this is the fact, the imperial envoy adult also saw, not afraid the accused is Diao-like in shape,
louis vuitton canada.
In fact the database silver still has 300,
sac easy flirt lancel,002, just the mercenary wants to spend silver and explains first to have no silver and say city circumstance in Feng-lin more disorderly more bad more good, save the emperor living another viewpoint.
On the second day, the public notice of mercenary sticks full whole cities, totally the mercenary is 15,000 people, the month entertains 12 silvers, and returns need not allowance, because what to recruit is all some starving masses.Divide two sides to defend according to the troops, city in Feng-lin halts a soldier 5,000,, the breeze bell city halts a soldier 10,000.
After sticking a public notice, the Xiang soldier Ya door before register of the person,such as tide, flow out, stay to guard of 300 soldiers are busy to turn round and round, only 1 recruits full quota.
What as well the Bin acted as to train soldiers to teach a head,, even Zhao Yue is all pulled field in the school point out, and that Hong the sky smile this to defend city a soldier the ship rises with the tide got 1,000 soldier also training.
Xiang soldier the barracks is originally more big,
lancel mens, mainly is city in Feng-lin emperor all,
lancel occasion,, just the weapon Be not enough to use, what as well the Bin dig down and let the blacksmith of whole citieses create weapon, several day inside, all of full cities is the dozen of the jingles iron voice, made the blacksmiths small to earn 1.
Zhao Feng call those big door gentleman in the Hao door, elaborate on city circumstance in Feng-lin to them,, request them the pay silver for taking out silver to regard as people's regiment, after luring by money offers Wei to force, all or many or little point the silver , on calculating, just enough deliver a pay the silver annoy for a month Zhao Feng keep striking table, on the spot go into action several, these talented persons forced manies point silver, and then promise to open Cang to put a food Zhao Feng just put them to return to, after the event does Zhao Feng give a deep sigh a way:"These stupid pig, the lives all had no by that time and also hid Yi silver to have fart to use."
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