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lancel 1er flirt one part of connective sorcery field
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TOPIC: lancel 1er flirt one part of connective sorcery field

lancel 1er flirt one part of connective sorcery field 11 months, 1 week ago #81573

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Color ocean.
"This would was a lord world.Lord the wide degree of the world, than 12 other the small worlds add to still have to be big.And, 12 other small all connective lord world in the world, you see, our remarkable talent field also connective lord world."
Along with Pope's explanation, the mirror was like to also follow to transfer remarkable talent field of under.Under the huge orb, would be a limitless huge main world.A huge light takes connective lord world and remarkable talent field.Get up two world conjunctions.
"And, have of small world also with each other connect with each other immediately after, be like our remarkable talent field, one part of connective sorcery field, a part of connective sky of pretty the devil king's third evil boundary.So, we would be invaded by them."Pope continues explanation way.
"This, is your meaning to say, only connect with each other then a world to invade each other?"The square south asks a way, Pope's words make him think of the point of dispute of practicing moral teachings the boundary and green fire evil boundary.
"Is not such, can say, the close together small world will have some spaces to order to easily get into.In fact, even if is a not close together world, can also long-distance leave to invade.Just difficulty big many just."Pope explanation way.
"So, had Pope's his majesty ever been to sorcery field?"The square south asks a way.
"Certainly, we made military alliance with sorcery field.In the sorcery field there, be also usually invaded by devil king in the gram.We each other has connection."
"Gram inside devil king?"Square southern interrogative way.
"Yes, devil king in the gram is in fact the most severe in three devil kings, the boon , certainly, is also our five inside and the most severe as.If not is the mankind master of sorcery field to have many quasi- saint classes master, and deployed in the whole sorcery field severe big, let gram in also not dare light body into.Again plus the sorcery field is really too small.Perhaps, the sorcery field has been already fallen now."
"What is a quasi- saint class master?"The square south asks a way.
", In fact be come to a ten class peaks, but always promotion not of the master's title.In the sorcery field, they and then up to 100 quasi- saint class master.If isn't mankind to seem to have born incomplete and hard get into 11 classes.Perhaps, a few devil kings early be been getting more even by them."
The square south by this time thought of a problem.Say:"Pope's his majesty, I have ever been to and practiced moral teachings boundary before.Over there, once ran into as well some mankind same of, their tallest grade is also ten classes.But they have the state record of 11 classes and 12 classes.This is what is the row, they also had before over outstrip 11 classes of existence
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