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buy lancel online a Chinese family name.So
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TOPIC: buy lancel online a Chinese family name.So

buy lancel online a Chinese family name.So 11 months, 1 week ago #81570

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Of Wu Zhe can compare!"
"Six s?!"Xing Ming immediately a surprised, his moment understand come over.No wonder that accept a luck several people's air will be thus dignified, even if the one who is a six per rank, willing never be a concealed noble family clan as well can match!
"This made imperial visit sanctuary, where came out again to sixes?"Xing Ming asking of doubt way.
On saying this words, owner all the wry smile write to shake head.
The south temple male soft-voiced way:"Making imperial visit sanctuary is too mysterious, even if is that we find out intentionally, also can know very few one part of small river, for those Mi Xin, a Chinese family name.So, these six s are actually new Jin of still originally be make imperial visit the reservation strength of sanctuary, can not know!"
"This is just reasonable!"Accept a luck lightly sigh a , " made imperial visit sanctuary tradition ten thousand years, if only only a martial saint and a martial, that just oddness!"
The Xing Ming is tiny to nod, understood in the heart, why southern temple male while making reference to leave, will hesitate thus.Just a martial saint, enough let the concealed noble family clan is kept constantly on coping with of.And these six s, the concealed noble family clan can protect, still is 1 don't know of matter!
Is more important, which afraid make imperial visit sanctuary to send three s come to take the offensive setting sun city and also be good enough to let setting sun city Be big difficult to happen!
Xing Ming Nao Nao head, deliberated a long time, still don't reply of method.
He could not help scolding 1:"Mama of!"
The south temple male wry smile way:"The small friend wants to dissolve the crisis of concealed noble family clan and setting sun city currently, only a way is the big that wants to break open mountain range deep place and give relief to old ancestor.Also only he old man's house, so as to match to make imperial visit sanctuary!"
"Yes, small friend!"The one who accept luck follows to say with smile:"The small friend was already the urgent juncture of the concealed noble family clan and setting sun city currently."
The Xing Ming stood and swept to see surrounding one eye, saw a public face a top all is each difference of air, but beyond all doubt of, all take the misgiving of having several cents.
He is tiny to ponder, in the heart secretly deliberation:"Made imperial visit sanctuary to burst out six s, if isn't the reservation strength of the sanctuary, that only an explanation-make imperial visit the strong behind sanctuary to make moves!"
Does that why not and directly begin to destroy a concealed noble family clan now that that strong can make moves?
According to accepting a luck, say, make imperial visit sanctuary to seem is work properly boundary in some one square the spokesperson of the influence ……
Thought of here, in the heart of Xing Ming suddenly a move.
Say ……make imperial visit the strong behind sanctuary, working properly the person in the boundary?
"Xing Ming small friend, the old man knows that you probably return heart to have
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