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valise lancel is she two rank force to work properly
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TOPIC: valise lancel is she two rank force to work properly

valise lancel is she two rank force to work properly 11 months, 2 weeks ago #81565

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The breath voice of uploading seems to be very and faintly, and very asymmetry.
"Feed!?"The Xing Ming lightly touched to touch girlish arm.
"……" Has no response.
The Xing Ming looking at the facial expression of young girl pallor, a grasped the hand of young girl, the right hand took at her wrist up.
Immediately, the eyebrows of Xing Ming is wrinkly to be getting tighter, the pulse of this young girl absolutely is that he once sees of disorder most of pulse, suddenly and quickly and suddenly slow, and very weak, if not is to suffer from serious internal injury, be have serious disease.Seeing from the circumstance in nowadays, it obviously is the latter.
"Oneself actually brought back a what person, absolutely be ask for trouble!"The wry smile of Xing Ming is a , 100 remit to work properly dint Xuan to quickly revolve inside the cave, inside a body that worked properly dint to input a young girl through a wrist.
"Ying Ning!"
While working properly support of dint, young girl finally the You You turn to come to and open mouth while being the prospects that she sees in front will surprised exhale a voice.
Xing Ming a Wu lived her mouth, soft-voiced way:"Make no noise, the duck hawk is about to come!"
That young girl is immediately hasty, mouth inside'blare'call, but because of drive Wu wear mouth, what also call don't come out.
"Jiu-!"A sharp and loud and clear interjection suddenly rings out in the 2 people top of head, voice of the Hong is bright and shake person's ear drum living painful, this under even if not drive Wu mouth, the young girl also frightens the facial expression is pale, didn't dare to talk.
Is one to blare to call again, would be strong breeze your work inside the close behind valley, a burst of'bang bang'of the voice spread to come over.
Xing Ming immediately and shockingly, this voice ……seem duck hawk is fighting with enemy!
2 people not from to saw one eye, all obviously realized wrong, thus terrible of evil monster, also have who can resist with it?
"Elder sister!Is an elder sister!"The young girl suddenly thought of what, immediately happy of called, " must be an elder sister, although the duck hawk is severe, but the elder sister is not weak either, is she two rank force to work properly!"
Speak of an elder sister, could not help presenting on the face of young girl proud of air, the elder sister is her pride!
The Xing Ming listens to of but don't already is scared, is the elder sister of this young girl Wu Ling?A little bit played trick!?
"Your elder sister ……this year how old!?"The Xing Ming cannot help but asking out, age saw this girlish, at most also however is 67 years old, predict according to the general convention, her elder sister is at most just also bigger how old than her, that is to say, her elder sister is Wu Ling about 20 years old ……
Xing Ming drive own of this predicts to surprised for a while, Wu Ling about 20 years old, if chase this
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