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lancel flirt bag so
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TOPIC: lancel flirt bag so

lancel flirt bag so 11 months, 1 week ago #81562

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Account.Although finally my severely wounded he, but have never thought in the article of death one shot of this guy, simply give° 13 meat bodies to ruin.A short while we caution a point."
"Ha ha ha, 11, you also too strain, he even if is severe, the spirit remarkable talent has no effect to us, he can also beat lead us three?"The beauty says with smile, just of the water dragon have been already disappeared, what to replace is one to be like Phoenix similar big bird.That Phoenix is also what drop of water constitutes.But the minute particle finishes now, is like really similar.Round in the beauty body on Monday turn 1 turn to fly.
Just this hand controls the ability of water, isn't what ordinary people can attain.
It arouses a war in chapter 77 rain(three)
The batman doesn't dare to see blue eyes beauty and just says:"Still carefully order anyway, the blue young lady is about to depend you to capture him this time."The sudden batman thought of that uncanny ghost.Flurried way:"To, last time while following the 15th, I on the 15th drive a kind of not clear object attack, just that thing still attackstoned me, was like a kind of ghostly body, can falsely the ability is solid, very uncanny thing.Everyone in a short while wanted caution."
Control once water beauty eye wave concuss, Pie the batman is one eye, didn't say what, just initiative to walk in the wood to, under the vision that her body week dance in the wind of once the Phoenix bird lower the head, mat at the foot of beauty, admire in the batman, the beauty steps ripples of water to flow quickly and forward.
Transparent person by this time but is have no again invisible, their shield instrument at the first-time of time effect had better, if be targeted by the other party, will have to a great extent that expiration, however, for deluxe spirit remarkable talent following person, still keep having very great advantage.They all think square south is seven class remarkable talent, so, after using first time, they all no longer made use of instrument to shield.
Don't think this but make the square southern drill funnel, Li Si especially before dying is seven class deluxe remarkable talent, drive they with the instrument shield Li Si especially of telepathy and attack behind just kill.The spirit fastens a deluxe remarkable talent in the world originally little, had that kind of the instrument, is also no one could harm of they, basically, as long as the spirit one who fasten remarkable talent meets them, affirmation is dead.This is also why transparent person a class remarkable talent in six classes can kill his reason.
The transparent person kills for the first time square South Africa often easy, at that time square south what remarkable talents all have no.More can't what spirit remarkable talent.Die for the second time, but is dead in the hand of batman, that time square the south still not and how can apply his/her own spirit remarkable talent
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