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vente privee lancel "Make imperial visit stare at Xing Ming
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TOPIC: vente privee lancel "Make imperial visit stare at Xing Ming

vente privee lancel "Make imperial visit stare at Xing Ming 11 months, 1 week ago #81531

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What?"The Xing Ming suddenly asks a way.
"Hum!"Make imperial visit cold hum 1, seem Be disdained to to say more half word.
The Xing Ming smiles to nod, "good, since adult would not like to say more, I don't force to ask as well.However, I have a proposal, hope adult consideration."
"What suggest!?"Make imperial visit to looking at Xing Ming chillily, try to think from the youth's face of this craftiness shameless and see he wants to play again what spend recruit!
"I give you a year!"The Xing Ming stuck out right hand index finger and formally said:"In the this year inside, I can't untie your body up of forbid to make, opportunity can't even make you completely resume again, equally can't kill you, either.But, I will at any time to your challenge, ignore you use what way, as long as you can once win me, you can leave setting sun city!How?"
"What you said is true!?"Make imperial visit stare at Xing Ming, vision flicker uncertain, imitate a Buddha to want to see the true or false of this commitment from his eyes.
But, he sees of, just recklessly challenge and Ji Feng.
Make imperial visit to immediately explode with rage:"Good!This with you settle next year it invite, but, you can not use to protect a city big!"
" To your one person, in no case use!"The Xing Ming is tiny tiny on smiling, imitated a Buddha to see through the heart of making imperial visit.
"You ……" makes imperial visit one Zhi, dark scold Xing Ming in the heart of craftiness.
Make imperial visit basically and never and sincerely to sign bottom with Xing Ming actually what a year it invite, he of so agree, actually also just for procrastinating time.
To know make imperial visit be captured, make imperial visit sanctuary again how may don't be furious?As long as wait until once person's horse of sanctuary arrive, the setting sun city settles meeting blood become river, when the time comes he then free!
But he didn't thought of, the Xing Ming had already seen through his intention, just Xu Nuo at to his one person, in no case use.This also meaning , once person's horses of sanctuary arrives, is that he makes imperial visit to die of!
This makes imperial visit mood complications of to get up for a while, he hopes that person's horse of sanctuary can hurry an arrival, and doesn't want to let them, really is antinomy of pole!
"Now that the adult is silent, I am you is recognize tacitly!"
Xing Ming ha ha on smiling, suddenly thought of what, immediately took out a string of bead son from the space ring, smiled to ask a way:"To, adult, can introduce this bead son with me!?"
Make imperial visit to see this bead son, the facial expression immediately and greatly changes, "seven star treasure the bead really fall at your hand in!?"
"Seven star treasure bead!?"Xing Ming immediately a pleased, on the face but don't show a half
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