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lancel 1er flirt Ou Yang Feng Hua knows that this time how resist is all useless
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TOPIC: lancel 1er flirt Ou Yang Feng Hua knows that this time how resist is all useless

lancel 1er flirt Ou Yang Feng Hua knows that this time how resist is all useless 11 months, 2 weeks ago #81526

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Ratio of vehemence, imitating the statue of Buddha is Tashan generally be forward moving, he walks each time one step, the pressure of present Human body heavy last several cents, haven't waited he to walk to front of, all escort in sun house in Europe have already canned not stand, even the ability for resisting all have no, soft pour in the ground!
Is very fierce!The Xing Ming cans not help at heart a surprised, this person light by dint of the vehemence escorted these to the Cui Kua, real strenght like this, absolutely than his previous incarnation still want strong ascend some!
That middle age man walks to look like slow-moving, but winks to come right away public front of, the lookinging at of air iciness sun Feng China in Europe, and have already fainted on the ground of those escort, cold track:"The person of sun house in Europe, can act boorishly at my A force college!?"
Sun Feng China in Europe equally bears huge pressure, only compared with the pressure on the body, his in the mind almost thinks that dead hearts all had, the green mountain elder how can appears here!?
"Green mountain …..Elder!Xing Ming in"sun Feng China in Europe talked all some disadvantageous Suos under this strong pressure, " strong line of slave who loots my sun house in Europe, the student also just takes back the property of his/her own house and temporarily violates openly academic rules and also invites elder to see on my father's face, forgive Feng China of reckless!"
This sun Feng China in Europe is after all still not stupid, he knows, oneself finally again drive Xing Ming this discard to put together, this discard is affirmative to early see green mountain grow, just dare such Du settle, even step by step oneself lead to he deploys of trap!
Those words that thought of oneself to just once say, sun Feng China whole body in Europe be on cringing, if the green mountain elder doesn't want to dispute, oneself perhaps even die all don't know how to die!
Ou Yang Feng Hua knows that this time how resist is all useless, so he quickly the head of he's old man take come out, hope the other party can give several cent the face.
Hereat at the same time, sun Feng China in the mind in Europe at last hated a pole Xing Ming, the young culprit of this mean shameless, unexpectedly use bad skill like this to frame up himself/herself, is really damned!
Those students who follow sun Feng China in Europe to come over together , after seeing a green mountain, is also that one face is in fear, flurried salutes a way:"Once saw big elder!"
In their heart how much some penitence, the big elder doesn't know that the meeting can't think they also participated in to fight, really don't know how to punish them.To know these people's family background heel sun house in Europe compare with come to that can completely isn't a layer of, otherwise they also need not clapped Ma Pi of China of sun Feng in Europe!
Who know this green mountain elder to basically ignore sun Feng China in Europe, but turn
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