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lancel new york bite
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TOPIC: lancel new york bite

lancel new york bite 11 months, 2 weeks ago #81522

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Long Ying puts together, but wants to plus a knight with strong real strenght, there is also the superior of those spirit clans, they basically have no one silk cure of success.
The benefit sun looking at Mu to bury, the air is an asking of dark very much way:"Now how do?The superior of spirit clan has already before goes and holds up our to go to road, do we want to continue to go forward, or turn to return to?Still have, even if we send back spirit forest, spirit clan's making track for to kill us is getting more easy, we are on the contrary struggling.Headway not go, retreat also not go, you say, now how should we do?"
The Mu buried to turn a head for a while distance of public, see the action that no one notice them, play a soft-voiced sound to say:"Small voice 1:00, let everyone know the morale that will influence them, be you two to don't tell others, either, knew?"The Mu buries the words of behind to toward black 22 people and sees 2 people ordering a head and then putting to make them leave.
"What good way do you have?"See the Mu bury to like this do, the benefit sun then knows to have idea in his heart, he discovered to really despise before this Mu buried, he concealed very deeply, if not that accidental discover this time, they probably will plant in his hand.
The Mu buries to squint Jing, the corner of mouth peeps out one silk sneer, way:"There is a kind of evil monster that is difficult to tie up in this death volcano, we as long as make use of good, can receive the effect of its never thought that."
Benefit sun look in the eyes a bright, 2 people immediately lower the head secretly plan to get up and often still spread 12 sneers.
The weather winds and clouds of marsh changes Huan, as if chemisette face is similar, say to change and then change, just of the color of the sky still thoroughly, have no after a while and then Yin cloud cover with, bean big of raindrop Xi Li but bottom, close behind become pouring rain.
"Niang of, this ghost the weather, say to change and then change, there is completely no one silk omen."Lin Si scolds of, hid into a tent inside.
Just arrived at halfway up a hill the top had no how long then ran into heavy rain, now connect a places for seeking shelter from rain don't find out, can the nest is in the tent.Tent but some forbid don't live strong wind of fierce blow, tottering, see the possibilities that in that manner all was pared off to walk at any time.
"Do not go, so strong rains and winds inside, this tent basic crest not how long, must seek a place that safety takes shelter from the wind to just go!"Lin Si listens to outside fieriness of strong wind, tent looking at to shake to sway, give Ao graceful beautiful and thin beautiful silk two female delivered an information, bite, then hurtled to go out.
The outside breeze heavy rain is hasty, right against the face of furious wind and raindrop beat Lin Si's cheek living painful, eyes all have some to can not open.
Saw next geography, Lin Si
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