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TOPIC: The stone breaks for a sky

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Following with eyes of month under, ascended eastwards the airplane of city.
But break the second day that the sky, Wan son leaves in the stone, Qin the month then and sweetly take a time together flight together, silently heel past.
Acquainted with at Qin Jia for a week, three fairies of modern life, the Lin Feng, Ling Dan Xue and wood Zhi , while in a hurry arriving to B City under leading of Qin Wan Jiang,, is already a person to get empty to the building,
gucci handbags,, that only the table in the house up, also put inside the clan exclusively to Qin the month provide with of cellular phone,
The handle knob machine hating in Qin Wan fell off in the ground and denounced openly:"Be getting more anti-!Be getting more anti-!"The subsequent world inside the herald clan lists as wanted the wild woman who don't listen to hello and don't guard a clan rules.
At the mid-night, the equanimity has no the sea of wave and very and soon brushes past three dark shadows and wink of then disappear in the night view.

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Come out from the airport, the stone breaks sky and top officer Wan son then sit last Cao house old two Cao earthquakeses bring in person of car, a bullet-proof appropriation car of the senior officer of the government.
The last officer Wan son sees here have the Cao house careful and attentive protection and arrangement,, then arrange own person to follow in the side and listen to adjust to send at any time.
Go into hotel, eldest brother in the Cao house already early and early at such kind of wait.The here luxurious hotel has already been wrapped by total amount in the Cao house bottom, connect outer circle from several thousand meters to the surroundings building of several meters,,
lv bags outlet store, all have already sent a person to nurse to have, can say,, here already drive protect of the rains and winds is not and deeply.
The stone breaks a sky to smile under escorting of brothers in the Cao house and walked to go into own room,
gucci jolie.The last officer Wan son closes on the heels of a right side.
The Cao thunder and Cao shakes a handsome and capable stone of inviting of two caution to break sky and the United States,such as the last officer Wan son of fairy, sit down, the arrangement protects a personnel to back bottom, this just falls in being partial to and sitting and prepares to break a sky to make collective report a circumstance to the stone,
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The stone breaks for a sky, the professional walks of, have already carried out eye Yao in the sky to see to probe into to the surroundings, there is no the one who discover to fix, the one more sees the Cao my elder brother appearance with capable and hundred percent vitality of 2 younger brothers, compare guard at local old three spirit a hundredfoldses, then know these 2 people settle is cultivate what health achievement method, slightly know to probe into by absolute being,, discover that the veins and arteries of his 2 people seems have some tiny breathing existence, Class equal to world common Xi martial person.
Before leaving the Cao house of Zhang Jia Kou, the stone broke a sky to give Cao house 31 old in a health Dan that person's imperial palace refines,
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