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lancel zephyr I fear that fire poison Long Wei Shi is too prosperous
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TOPIC: lancel zephyr I fear that fire poison Long Wei Shi is too prosperous

lancel zephyr I fear that fire poison Long Wei Shi is too prosperous 11 months, 1 week ago #81513

  • mcqvcujyh28
,, Is in fact far far not only,, concrete age who also can not remember clearly Chu, these the fire lived life of refugee is time immemorial absolute being Zhi war leave of the battle fires remit to gather but become and finally burn to break unreal and turn the grounds of nine Yous of making this boundary, but live life of refugee of the fires be cracked down on in the flame bottom of river, once the fire poison stores a certain amount, will turn to make two big strange monsters,, one is a flame Long Ma, another 1 would are to live life of refugee fire poison dragon."
Three soil ape empty for a while, and then continue to say:"If the flame Long Ma is living life of refugee of the spirit of lightly working properly of the fire turns and becomes, day goes 80,
lancel zephyr,000 insides, make track for cloud every month, quickly over rush thunder, talks about speed, the saint monster of only in a flash Phoenix one clan is multicolored white Luan just can with it place on equal footing, and that lives life of refugee fire poison the dragon then is different, it is live life of refugee fire poison of the spirit of fighting turn, ferocious matchless, there are no intelligent and consciousness, the dint of only a breakage destruction,, general visits in the flame bottom of river, life dollar also only have a decade of scene, but whole body fire poison not of the common run, can be treated as the fierce monster of nine You highest ranks, you see at the moment there is continuously light of fire on the flame river crack open by explosion a God,, would be this the fire dragon shakes up to live life of refugee in the bottom of river of fire, greatly deliver the omen of being fierce to the Wei."
Wu Zhe but ask a way:"Does this live life of refugee fire dragon to do a true body of big saint to have an advantage to your Ning?"
Three soil apes fantasy for a while, just return to way:"Nature is have biggest an advantage, but even if is my grandpa have never experimented as well,
lancel paris price, lived life of refugee fire poison Long Ji Qian the years just appear once, be not what persons can run into of,
louis vuitton canada, I fear that fire poison Long Wei Shi is too prosperous, I resist don't live."
Wu Zhe smiled a to smile and beat to loudly point to say:"This would was, now that had a great advantage again why the need for frightened,
sac lancel premier flirt occasion, have me to help you, 2 people depend on mutually, again not help also ability break out of come, you don't forget, flame Long Ma has already been accepted Fu by me."
Exultation when three soil apes were empty to sign, soared to the skies to turn over heel head, loudly say:"I how forgot this, you had the flame Long Ma,
lancel 70, even if was an enemy however live life of refugee a fire poison dragon, can also take off river but go, I how have never thought."
Wu Zhe smiled to smile and just pressed a way:" Not I treat, the ape is empty, this then beginning."
Three soil apes are empty to nod should a ,
lancel handbags outlet, double once the arm flap and give a long whistle a , the bewitching dint of the green black color deeply body but, turn to make an alone Gao Zu You's 100 Zhangs to open outside, wear a battle armor hand to hold the ape of growing the stick demon monster, Wei power chilly, just face on have a silent color.
This is also that three soil apes are empty the state of for having never broken nine stars to cut an evil, the body of big saint has never greatly become of cause, once he can coagulate"the big saint turns round" of 8 F state it
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