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lancel online "If the boy
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TOPIC: lancel online "If the boy

lancel online "If the boy 11 months, 1 week ago #81509

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, Threes are certain can take out 20 gold coins now?"
His absolute being's knowing has been already swept and connect half on these three guy bodies gold coins to all have no.
Those 3 people can not help one Zheng, as the member of strong breeze mercenary soldier regiment, they dare to ask for and meet favorite thing at this black orchid town but few someones and directly took away and then wented, where still need to be used wear gold coin?!
That for the person of head consider for a while, immediately cold hum a way:"Boy unexpectedly dares to despise big Ye?!Being all right isn't the place of bargain here, you follow big Ye, we trade to the outside, how?!"
This person though the company measure of words, but tone in the threat meaning shown unintentionally but is fools can listen to of come out, meanwhile, that big fellow after death of 2 people, no longer wear trace of round to come over to the Xing Ming, see that situation, as long as the Xing Ming dares to resist, they will immediately begin!
The Xing Ming pulls to work properly the small hand of son and lightly says:"Leave!"
Those three big fellows verily acquaint with to the geography of this black orchid town, 3 people take Xing Ming 2 people once wore a few streets and soon came right away one desolate and out-of-the-way place.
"If the boy, doesn't think to be dead and leave this little beauty and your evil spoil, immediately get away!"
Several people just station settle, those three airs of big fellows cold come down, was also a huge sword to point at Xing Ming and crueltily drink a way for that person of head:"Immediately get away!"
The small face that works properly son spirit is very white, almost wills cannot help but pulling out lance, let the knowledge of these 3 people the pretty girl sword method taught by childe of severe!
Roaring low more repeatedly is big black, sharp claw son continuously of the Nao hit the ground, imitating the Buddha has to choose a person but bite.
The Xing Ming is cold to hum a , suddenly upsurged a vehemence that is strong to have no on the body, naked soar in the eye!
" ……Burst!"Those three big fellows feel the moment be hit by Tashan at head up, immediately and sad and shrillly bellowed a , one mouthful blood jet.
Immediately the 3 people Wei Mi wears to pour at ground up, pain and sufferings of groan.
"Roar!!"Gao Hou Yi of the big black excitement, show off the force spread fame of looking at 3 people of ground, Liao tooth continuously of the Yi write.
These 3 people however is three low ranks Wu Shi just, the mentality is more low wretchedness, drive oneself the strong absolute being know an attack and connect to the least bit resist of the dint all have no!
Xing Ming a will lift for the big fellow of head, cold hum a way:"Do you want to buy my to be evil to spoil?!"
That big fellow hands embrace head and have a headache desire crack and peep out frightened air more in the eye, the color is fierce inside the saying of Ren:"Boy, we are the persons of strong breeze mercenary soldier regiment, you dare start to us, strong breeze mercenary soldier regiment definitely not
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