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sac lancel adjani occasion Liu Zhen
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TOPIC: sac lancel adjani occasion Liu Zhen

sac lancel adjani occasion Liu Zhen 11 months, 1 week ago #81505

  • jyeqfabb04
The man urgently wears to say.
"Liu Zhen, you arrive at here for the sake of what?"The general didn't manage him and suddenly asked him a question that doesn't go a pass.
Be been called man's one Leng that Liu flaps by the old general, immediately Zhang Kou Dao:"For protecting our homes.Kill evil boundary invader."
The old general points at the whole battlefield to say:"See, Liu Zhen, the battlefield has already become this appearance, till now this time, if have relief troops, that their affirmation will come, but if have no, we can not withdraw, either, you should know, we have already been told before coming may all die here, but we still keep coming, for the sake of what, not just and for protecting our nation, our close relatives.Do we living on the hoof home!"
The old general concussion waves hand way:"If be taken the offensive success by these evil boundary demon things, so next, would be the whole personal world, not only only our nation, other nations also similar will be perished.Our mankinds will be perished.Probably, the fairies will loose to save severals.But our ordinary mortal meeting momentary be killed."
"Liu Zhen, we have already had no way out, let our blood to arrive their attacks."
"General!"Liu Zhen is ashamed and resentful difficult to be, list the knee kneel down to yell a way:"Please issue order, we perish together with them."
The old general orders to him.Is full is an encouragement in the look in the eyes, Liu Zhen knows, this was the old general to give the opportunity of his last lecture.Liu Zhen suddenly stands up, stands on Gao Po and towards circumferential non-commissioned officers to yell a way:"Food for powder, the brotherses.See the nether battlefield, we have already been at the most urgent juncture."
Do martial persons all and own strongly inside the dint, by this time he shouts out, enough all food for powders heard.
"We don't know to still have relief troops, this time, all different with the combats in past, probably, we are about to die here this time, but should we regret?Is a not, a member of the troops of an anti- shot of bravery evil boundary invader, we should feel honor.Because we behind have support of the whole nation, we have the whole mankind's support.We were also the whole mankind's heros, our close relatives will also be treated by hero family members, even if we died, even if we died.But if we shrunk back, we failed, so these disgusted ugly monsters will hurtle into our homes and tear to pieces our close relatives and kill our friend and chew ground our childrens
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