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lancel handbags in uk Gao Ta on
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TOPIC: lancel handbags in uk Gao Ta on

lancel handbags in uk Gao Ta on 11 months, 2 weeks ago #81495

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Make again sword, in swordsman's eyes get this beauty's favor, can wave vestige limits of the earth, the double night double flies, that is a much fine affair, but after seeing with own eyes Mu Se and breaking evil strong that salty pig handing with the malicious hot sword method, all came out three big words in all male swordsman hearts:The overlord spends.
Can see, can not adopt, not even see can not see ……
Section 67:The overlord spends
Is public all is just thinking, this Jia leaf ran into the overlord spend Mu Se, if return falsely through, point uncertain want to eat what Kui.
The Mu Se sees Jia leaf a pair of eyes thieveses slip away ground to stare at he or she to see, that kind of the old cat saw the look in the eyes beauty of salty fish meet for the first time.Upset but again in heart what then the Luo voice haven't rung, not go into action.
Suddenly the Jia leaf sticks right hand on the lips, at the eyes of the masses are fixed on under come to a flying kiss for Mu Se.
The Mu Se immediately flies to get red in the face, "you, you ……you are shameless!"Her voice shivers because of cut up rough.
The Jia leaf's right hand presses the shoulder and salutes a way slowly and forward:"Thank a crying up of young lady."Curse and scold a voice in the one in, the Jia leaf says again:"This beautiful young lady, probably we can let go of sword to talk well."The Jia leaf didn't pull out sword, but the language center of gravity is long ground of to say:"We should not be an enemy ……to?"
"Talk with ghost!"Because a Luo rings, Mu Se one type ten word texts slice to cut to face to face personally to chop down to go, but Jia the leaf appear in the Mu Se after death, the low voice says:"Young lady, can we really not discuss?I don't beat ……"words didn't finish saying, the Mu Se returned to body, another type"pursue star sword", lance quickly such as the meteor see Jia the leaf will be pierced, but this sword unexpectedly is once stabbed 1 F unreal image.
"You don't beat, abstain!"The Mu Se is cold to see to avoid being seen the Jia leaf of part to say.
The "young lady, I am that I don't beat a woman, especially ……" Jia leaf swallows saliva, is again a sword to vigorously fly, he calmly stays away and adds a way:"Especially be like your so beautiful woman."
Of Mu Se feels a some hairs dizzy, thinks breakfast to readily talk wildly this, and the guy of extremely daring in lewdness cuts into two pieces, but the sword vigorously always could not harm his very small amount each time and really make people depressed.
The Jia leaf copied general skill of evil spirit to finally get clicking the tongue in curiosity of the set bottom swordsman and saw come to this shameless lout how anotherly not, escape of skill at least is an unique, and see this speed, is best Wu Xue at least, but be used to escape, is really reckless waste of grain ……
Gao Ta on, the silver delivered a youth snow Rang to drink one mouthful wine and slowly and longly say:"
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