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outlet louis vuitton Chapter 213 fights
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TOPIC: outlet louis vuitton Chapter 213 fights

outlet louis vuitton Chapter 213 fights 11 months, 2 weeks ago #81491

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Power, the huge Wei pressed to from a distance spread to come over, real strenght slightly bad of person, almost shake with fright!
The facial expression of the south temple Mei son immediately on changing, her nature can feel that strong Wei power and can not help a hasty track:" First squad, block those people!"Say, she immediately turns a head:"Xing Ming, we immediately leave!"
The Xing Ming is cool on smiling, but doesn't talk.At this time second groups of persons' horse have already sealed all exits, is not likely to leave!
Feng pure dance but is in the heart on moving, the low voice asks a way:"Xing Ming, are those your persons?"
The Xing Ming shakes head to say with smile:"I can have no that honor!"
Actually, he ambiguously feels, this second groups of persons' horse, perhaps and south temple Mei the son have a same purpose!
"South Ms. Gong, invitation Xing the childe visit, how ability little got our Shao of remaining, ha ha ……" a cachinnation with bright Hong voice spread to come over and winked, that person had already arrived at front of.
This is a big fellow with tall and big in stature shape, about 4510-year-old ages.However, is the most arresting,is not his body up send forth but the strong Wei of press, but small eyes on his face!
In this eyes, cold simply flowing Shan, being stared at the last person by him all imitates if being stared at the last frog by the snake is general!
Big fellow Long Xing Hu treads and unexpectedly cut across south temple house of martial round of turn son BE, the path keeps arriving at south temple Mei the son and Xing Ming imitate a Buddha to see those strong of Wu Ling Qiangs nearby such as have no thing!
"Ha ha, Mei son, you I am the same as the good friend of black orchid town, thus good matter, how ability does a person only enjoy?!"Square Shao remaining roars with laughter and has no to have scruples about!
Chapter 213 fights(up)
Chapter 213 fights(up)
Black orchid town?
The eyebrows of Xing Ming is wrinkly to get up, in the heart but is a secretly surprised Cha, these people, unexpectedly from the black orchid town since then?
That square Shao remaining but is selfishly smiled:"The childe of the Xing, you but make me wait.I know wanting to permit the under charge whole body of clustering and backing in the Mu with your Zong remarkable talent in the sky, being not a difficult matter either!"
The Xing Ming shakes head a to smile, didn't talk.Is again 1 to invite himself/herself'visit'of person!Actually, what they scheme, still achievement method and Wu Ji kept in mind by oneself!
Square Shao remaining is also inattentive, turn head to south temple Mei the son say:"Mei son, I also give greatly once and ask a Xing's childe to our house to visit, and then again go to south temple house, how do you think?!"
In the heart of Xing Ming immediately and suddenly, this square Shao remaining is unexpectedly a west sea square house of person.Once his at heart move, immediately thoughted of a person, that
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