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lancel paris boy
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TOPIC: lancel paris boy

lancel paris boy 11 months, 1 week ago #81488

  • kvzdpcx29
, Then the net hits again, again net, again hit.Pour,
lancel paris, the Wu works properly of saint the evil tutor finally fell flop and matched with very fascinatingly, this was the victory of team, the victory that jumps knife, the victory that exposes easy silk,
lancel paris bags.
The assize finally explains to complete, game also get into end, the applause in earthquake sky sends out from the audience seat
Not is give dew easy silky, is give judge of…………
The opponent of soul has already fallen flop, the breeze soars of opponent also drive bomb platform, but grow a winning of maple method is more simple.
Sees the breeze fasten an evil tutor of saint to fly in the sky and roar with laughter, "I see your[one] warrior how to beat me, boy,, admitting defeat of darling."
The long maple then looking at him with the look in the eyes of seeing the fool on the platform and says:"You come down to still have of beat, if you are in the top you lose settle,"
The breeze fastens an evil tutor of saint to listen to speech very angry, a sorcery hits toward the long maple.
"Is alas…………"Long maple 1 sighs, once the hand flick,, the breeze fastens the saint's evil tutor drops down from the air, the voice that hears bone ground crack,
MZERO realm ·the magic trick forbid evil area
In the evening, hall in the hotel
"Toast…………"Everyone raises the wine cup in the hand together and loudly calls a way.
"We rise in rank eight rest of being strong, likings today and eat well, drink well, fight for continuing to rise in rank,"Long maple support way, obviously can get into eight strong he still very happy.
maroquinerie, today is very good, especially Long Yu that, very fascinating."The soul is in 1.
"Not the Kui is the sword private whom the mainland has been already been known for, I to top he indeed as expected has no cure of success."Long Yu Song shrugs shoulders and helplessly says.
"Somebody else all famous decade, you just just way,
lancel bags dali, have already been getting more very good like this, more power to you."This is the voice that the breeze soars.
After the supper, everyone took a rest, the long maple title tooks a look a night sky and walked to go out alone.
Exposed easy silk to see, also secretly follow,
lancel uae, after exposing easy silk and walking out, a blue hair young girl also followed to walk to go out.
Dead hour, by the lake outside the holy city
The floating singing drifts on the lake noodles.
"……………………The corner of wall is the rose for withering away, forgot why want to fade, spread the years that scatters on the ground, again a day, again a year, don't feel……………………The piano Xian broken plays formerly, the route once walking together has no terminal point,
lancel watches, dusky ray, project light upon an old surface, mapping that rose to remember fondly
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