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lancel usine you want to seek of the lotus believe in of whether person is all woman
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TOPIC: lancel usine you want to seek of the lotus believe in of whether person is all woman

lancel usine you want to seek of the lotus believe in of whether person is all woman 11 months, 1 week ago #81486

  • yrejzvzc91
The sky in of float an island outside, is piecemeal of group of islands.The ocean being big slice of overalies the earth's surface of this star.The blue is the main tone of this star.But on various group of islandses, but live a lot of mankind.
The devil troops' many armed serviceses can fly, how otherwise may fight here.
Fly to group of islands sky, 2 people discover the underneath contains a not greatly small city, while the small city by this time has already become hell on earth.Is all blood and mince piece everywhere, the whole cities all dye red.The corpse literally lies down the avenue, house roof up, on the treetop.In there is soldier, there are also common people, there is also devil one square of.
Inside in the city is all flame everywhere, smoke straight up cloudy regions, a lot of places all have wildfire.City inside probably still have several thousand common people haven't died to cut off.
On square, a few people are pressing a woman, the woman tries very hard to a flounder, blood stains of face everywhere, but can not flounce a few half monster person's warriors, can be been helplessly crafty by a few people.Yin.Be like a circumstance like this, the city inside still has a lot of places.These have never escaped from a savage habitual half monster person, is 5610-year-old women or don't arrive a 10-year-old girl no matter, all strong line of obtain, root ignore you long of how, age how much.
The tragic incident of underneath, the noodles finally letting the pity son of jade be calm permits to have great waves.The air of cutting up rough presents on her face.
The square south sighs an one breath and stretches hand the silk thread of sending out tens of thousands white and in a twinkling pierced through underneath several extremely evil evil troops in the city.Kill they.
"Leave!"The square south says.Then summon up a true dollar cover, in a very short moment 100 insides, quickly disappear beyond the horizon.
Again after flying a several a long distances, the square south suddenly escapes light, then in the sky stopped down.Ask way to the jade pity son:"Master's elder sister, you want to seek of the lotus believe in of whether person is all woman?"
Jade pity son pretty tiny Cu, nod a way:"Yes, lotus' believing in generally doesn't accept a man.All of big parts are women.How, what did you see?"
Square's southern west says:"There 3,000 insides outside, there are five women that resist to annoy a territory being laid siege to by 13 high etc. devils."
"What?Quickly, square south, we are quickly past."Jade once the pity son listen to and become nervous to say.
Once the square south in the mind smile and say:"Good Mao, we walk!"Of so comes to a stop to tell the jade pity son, just his a little selfishness, the jade of now pity son, the facial expression is too quiet apathy, he doesn't dare to approach, know, he just obtained stage victory last night, today again change
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