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lancel pocketbooks ear is than north wind even cold and damp sword breeze
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TOPIC: lancel pocketbooks ear is than north wind even cold and damp sword breeze

lancel pocketbooks ear is than north wind even cold and damp sword breeze 11 months, 1 week ago #81473

  • jyeqfabb04
"Dark black Shu crisis, I for touching pure you the inside situation of two senior surprised Hai swords, ever to cloud lord of Long Gu Gu, Chi cloud concussed Excuse me, that old man not give, say is group Mi treasure, I had to peep, in a hurry after seeing absolute being a soldier book for covering up me private go into the business of cloud Long Gu's forbidden ground again put across landslide, cloud concussed old son affirmation know."Fog cloud frost is evil to smile for a while, " however, he also finds no way out with me."
The "……" purple Ze chooses silent.
Fog cloud frost again puts the vision to the air and says:Unexpectedly showed unintentionally self-confidence in"he used surprised Hai swordsman of hard Han of the dint of nine Yaos the day before yesterday and untied Xun again today the Xuan machine of sword prints for sky, I estimate he the physical strength at this time should not arrive 30%, he does so now just for the sake of to clear maple's most glorious dead method, but the clear maple is once answering this to recruit ……" fog cloud frost eyes, "so who would be unrivalled swordsman of plateau, perhaps haven't been able to know."
Section 78:Long Hun Mo's heart
The old man ponders a way:"This war has already outrun my to anticipate, who win who negative, really not say ……"
The night blue lance gets down a , be publically marveling to cover with sword rain to roar and shout downfall in the voice.
Sword non-arrival, the dint arrives first, the crushed stones of the whole test set surface is almost vigorously exploded by numerous swords of lances powder, but the sources of these sword strengths all only have a , that is the snow Rang that the in mid air holds Xun the sword for sky.
Momentary, several hundred handle various lances hide a sky to cover a day like the dark cloud.
The youth in sword rain seems wood however ground stand, ear is than north wind even cold and damp sword breeze, what to grip is his sword in the hand, his easy.
The trap a monster sort of roar low to surround in the whole test on the stage quietly, make people greatly terrified.
But the clear maple in the spirit still just flounder, Long Xi is bleeding, become blood but not is from point to sew a downfall but is slowly permeate into the youth's body inside.
"Leave my body, do you want to do what?"
The youth looking at red blood of quilt to tie up to round of hands, in a great panic.
"Use your body."
"Do not go, I different idea!"The youth towards the blood of that regiment peristalsis to roar a way, " leaves my body!"
"Not get you, I want to make them know that what real Long Xi Jian and burning absolute being Jue is with your hand."The sound is tough, " they scream because of frightened and enjoy to die of wonderful!"
"That how do I do?"
"Is perplexed sea here, don't cross sea, the right here waits me, never cross sea, past return not to come any further."The voice specially emphasized:"Don't cross sea,
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