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sacs a mains lancel transparent portrait a hang the long-handled sword on the head is similar at him
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TOPIC: sacs a mains lancel transparent portrait a hang the long-handled sword on the head is similar at him

sacs a mains lancel transparent portrait a hang the long-handled sword on the head is similar at him 11 months, 2 weeks ago #81463

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Mi Mi glasses, this action is him ten several in the last yearses habit of developing, whenever while wanting to fight, he will peep out this kind of air.
"Is them?"
"Is them, last time I just the heel was small beautiful to talk, that Huang Mao Kan was with a revolting feeling, give°ed me to beat!"The youth mercilessly saw that Huang Mao Yi's eye, and then become overdo to took a look convenient the 56-year-old young girl in the store, however look in the eyes inside the gentleness for suddenly changing and be addicted to.
The square south sees a bit funnily, the heart bottom thinks, is the disaster that is jealous to ask for.However want to return and think, he no longer wants etc. again, transparent portrait a hang the long-handled sword on the head is similar at him, will burst upon and chop down the dead to him at any time, so he wants to solve the affair here quickly.Start transfering.
Take a youth to walk to come forward to, square south two words don't say and went up and then toward that yellow hair to mercilessly jilt a slap.
Pa!The loud and clear slap is direct and then is getting more dizzy that Huang Mao Da, square south but don't talk, go up and is several palms.Pa!Pa!Pa!Pa!This several palms are malicious as well as quasi-, Huang Mao Da of muddle-headed change direction, the corner of mouth bleeds.
Huang Mao just responds to come over and scolds a way in at this time:"Grass your mama!"Say and then want to hurtle up the south tussles with square.Regrettable of BE, square south of several palms have already let his sense of direction heel the Earth no longer synchronous.He is blunt to come over of direction unexpectedly be not square south here.
Is square south the Teng body is one feet, the positive Chuai is on the Huang Mao's belly, this is the square extremely killing of the south skill, in numerous flock prestige that beat a list to beat to achieve him with the blood in the PK, is exactly, a , the world takes!In Huang Mao square the south is one feet, body immediately as growing wing start to fly backward, falling off of bang to three meter far ground of up, the Huang Mao's body Quan shrinks, on the ground on trembling, unexpectedly station don't get up.
Occurrence of the matter look like a lot of, but time is short, Huang Mao Fei since of time, two little boys haven't come to absolute being from just of the incident and see own eldest brother drive once the somebody else recruit Liao to pour, two boys are immediately shocked in the ground, while the small south is also to grow up mouth, the south of the square who stare eyes to foolishly looking at station before rock.
??!A scream rings out and waked up with a start present of several people, the square south turns once the head see, is convenient store in of small beautiful see the condition of this kind of bloody violence frighten exclaim.But when square the south turned a head to see her, small beautiful immediately stopped a scream, grope for word.
The south of the square but ignore regardless of, one Shan body, walk to two little boy in fronts, when they too late respond, hold tight their collar of dresses, lift their body on lifting
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