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lancel riyadh this ice layer in the glacier
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TOPIC: lancel riyadh this ice layer in the glacier

lancel riyadh this ice layer in the glacier 11 months, 1 week ago #81455

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Took big black initiative to keep on walking.The Feng pure dance immediately keeps up with and can not help in the heart some expect, even entrance to cave all thus of fine, will be getting worse under?
Be the end that she arrives at stairs indeed as expected, one is just right to permit the passage that one person passeses, appear at a side of stairs.Although living in darkness, is all radiant hard ice on all sides, so don't seem to be blackness as well in this passage.
Lead in the Xing Ming under, the Feng pure dance got into passage, but walked each time several step, she cans not help again is a surprised.She discovers that the center in passage unexpectedly has an open spaces district that the foot has a room size.
"Does our right here close the border?!"The Feng pure dance asks a way and can not help in the heart some admire, in so short time inside plane in addition to is thus big of one get empty room, and do of thus fine, be let everybody surprise.
Xing Ming but is to shake head a to smile, say:"Here just an empty room is the place that I use to set out a big.Our room, here!"
Say, he walk quickly 2, point at a room of passage one side, say:"This room is yours!"
The "this is ……" Feng pure dance surprise looking at the direction of the finger of Xing Ming, there is a together small door in being keeping a square in deep freeze of, be like pole the room of land!
"Excavate room in this,can't melt to split?"The Feng pure dance cans not help interrogatively asking a way.
The Xing Ming is tiny to shake head, say with smile:"These, don't know to experience how many years of keep,in deep freeze can be said to be hard like iron, is an even if common knife gun, also difficult harm its very small amount, and then how can split?!"
Actually, the absolute being of the Xing Ming's knowing has already clearly fished for, this ice layer in the glacier, the foot contains thick 20 meterses and settles however is experience coon age to keep in deep freeze but become.And he excavates of the room in ice, also however only have the depth that count the rice, so is complete need not be worried that the ice layer will split!
"Is really hard to believe!"The Feng pure dance shakes head to lightly sigh.
The Xing Ming cans not help a smiling and says:"Like, since the whole preparation appropriate, I am then closing the border!"
The Feng pure dance slowly nods and says:"Since it is so, I also want to make great effort self-discipline be, otherwise, Be about to be caught up by you!"
Say, Feng pure dance a captivating smile, turned round into her room.
Looking at her the figure of that charming, in the heart of Xing Ming on concussing, can not help shaking head one big black head of smile, clapping to clap, say:"This period of time, I am to can not prepare to barbecue for you again, so you have to remember here and go out to prey for food each time, don't fight with other evil monsters as far as possible
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