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lancel zephyr The Xing Ming shakes head wry smile
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TOPIC: lancel zephyr The Xing Ming shakes head wry smile

lancel zephyr The Xing Ming shakes head wry smile 11 months, 1 week ago #81439

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Staying is surprised for several cents.
, Is facing the martial of becoming famous last thousand yearses, this boy really so self-confident?As well or is thus of underestimate enemy?
At this time, an open laughter spread to come over:"The elder brother of the Xing, I the old breeze came!"
Close behind, an a little bit some youth men of obeses greatly tread to walk last city wall.See him that easy and convenient action, where the least bit act inconvenient fatty's normal?
See this man, the Xing Ming smiled:"The elder brother of the breeze, you don't the little landlord of this breeze surname household do business in the underneath and go to city wall to come up why?I want of how many kinds of medicine material, have already got ready?"
The bearer isn't other people, exactly a breeze surname the sale goes of little landlord-breeze full building!
Hear this words, the breeze full building roars with laughter a way:"I am a martial first, secondly is the little landlord of breeze surname household.The war that will soon arrive, but are rare for thousand years on meeting, if miss, I would be sorry the whole life!"
Breeze full building while speaking, flap to wait a person to see a gift one by one toward the green mountain Xing, regardless is an expression or an action, all well-mannered, all over was full of nobility breathing, where still is like a businessman?!
The Xing Ming hard says:"The elder brother of the breeze, descend go to.The elegance is very quick and then will arrive, you wanted to walk all perhaps and too late when the time comes!"
Breeze the full building Be tiny to nod, lightly sigh a way:"Think of two year agos, our real strenght be still match equally, surprisingly after two years, you are good enough to and stand on mainland's peakest martial the hard Han is in front, the chance of life really is change Huan endless!"
The Xing Ming shakes head wry smile, oneself can then own with two years and Wu Zun Ying Han's real strenght, in fact more of, still keep asking for help of the strategies and achievement method of previous incarnation.If oneself didn't own these advantages, afraid of a Xing housed early and then be put out?
Shook to shake head, were miscellaneous these to read to lay aside, the Xing Ming spoke fair a way:"The elder brother of the breeze, descend go to, your intention I got, this war later on if I am still on the hoof, we then drink several cups!"
He naturally clear, the breeze full building arrives at in the city wall in this kind of urgent time, in fact be for expressing his sincerity and support to oneself.No matter how the starting point of the other party is, since he can come up, the Xing Mings will give to enough appreciate!
The breeze full building roars with laughter, "I a few days ago saw inhospitality that boy, heard that you became sworn with him, but didn't calculate to ascend me old breeze a , not enough meaning ……"
The Xing Ming immediately says with smile:"This is simple, this after fighting, our 3 people again becomes sworn!"
"Reach agreement verbally!"Breeze full building
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