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lancel handbags in paris a light of fire had already set alight from Long Xi Jian's point
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TOPIC: lancel handbags in paris a light of fire had already set alight from Long Xi Jian's point

lancel handbags in paris a light of fire had already set alight from Long Xi Jian's point 11 months, 1 week ago #81435

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White of the silk thread then made into the thinnest silk trousers overlay below clear maple loins of part, but those are from the clear maple body in gush of silk thread then activity get up, several silk threads tie up the left shoulder of blousing the tunic and gradually solidify to an embroidery of flood dragon, other silk threads then from descend but last pack upper stream to walk in the sword, solidify numerous against the wind but up of dark yellowish green color flame ……
Long Wei raises huge skull and imitates a Buddha to be scrutinizing his/her own masterpiece, the immediately low low ground roared 1, imitating the Buddha was the matchless satisfaction that creates to oneself, he becomes a gold color later on the ray of light is shining on in the between the eyebrows of clear maple, but the body constantly narrow an end to unexpectedly become a two Chinese feet much long, send forth the little dragon of golden light to tie up up the loins of clear maple, at the right moment get up lax full-length gown Lei tightly.
Section 165:Long Ao San's boundaries, mankind insignificant trifle
Until at this time, the silver delivers clear maple of swordsman just slowly open a pair of eyes, spread the intensive sound that the glass falls in pieces in the unreal, the breeze on all sides fastens strength finally dissipation, that left between the eyebrows engraves aureate Long Wen and wear a dark yellowish green color the sword packs of the silver deliver swordsman to soar to the skies but sign like this and look sideways the mankind the earth of foot.
"Mo Long!You are subjected to dead!"Clear maple on raising head, Long Xi Jian in hand inclined the sky, the voice is like roll of thunder:"I, for my Ya Bi Si, the innumerable dies in battle of ghost vengeance!"The words sound just fell, a light of fire had already set alight from Long Xi Jian's point, "Sou" the ground is a the whole handle Long Xi all destroy at flame in, that having material form has the flame of quality to let the clear maple feel steaming hot.Clear maple be just bottom meaning ground the method door that made use of burning absolute being Jue, but have never thought bodily frost burning boycott have already disappeared, replace of only burn to more prosperously kill an idea.
"Bomb" a fire dragon of few Chinese feet breadth to fly from the sword body and surround by the side of the body of the clear maple.
"Burning absolute being Jue!Did "under of Renault and Mo Long poured to take out an one mouthful air conditioner at the same time, " finally still use burning absolute being Jue!"
The swordsman left hand Qing lives Long Xi Jian, the right hand five fingers opens, the idea of that fire Long Fang Fo's comprehension clear maple reads to generally hover around in his right side, the right palm turns over under, the fire dragon straightly hurtled a ground from the cloudy regions, the whole green China city toghter shivered.Green China city negative army corps dragon of luckily survive at see the scene like this has been dense as a block, although the purple China city near Wei army corps still has a war idea,the sitting of between the legs rides has been already frightenned the Tan is soft on the ground.
Replying all of many warriors in the army are young men, can witness the might of god of blazing the absolute being Jue is the wish of numerous young swordsmans, certainly premise BE, this target that blazes absolute being Jue isn't oneself ……their emotion no longer upsurge from the forbidden ground
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