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vente privee lancel "2 and do it slowly
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TOPIC: vente privee lancel "2 and do it slowly

vente privee lancel "2 and do it slowly 11 months, 1 week ago #81433

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The Xing Ming sees of burst out laughing.
"Brother-in-law, you with work properly son, they marry also already one year, how work properly son, do they still have no the slightest movement?"The Mu permits quiet cloud to beside looking at Xing Ming to induce his/her own son and cannot helps but smiling to ask.
The Xing Ming is one Zheng, action?
He soon after understands to come over, the Mu permits the action that quiet cloud says, what to point is to work properly son why haven't they been pregnant.
"Eldest sister-in-law, Be getting quicker."The Xing Ming is tiny tiny on smiling, also no longer say more.
Actually, Xing Ming of so don't want to let to work properly son them pregnant, is because the affair that didn't handle to work properly boundary so much before, oneself can not calm down, even if is to have a kid, can not thoroughly develop, either, had been dragging along down as well.
At present work properly boundary have been already settled, of Xing Ming needs to stay in a blue sky mainland, the quiet mind raises his/her own real strenght and has been enough.In this case, he wants one to belong to his own kid naturally.
The at the thought of kid then has a kind of different felling in the heart of Xing Ming, that is a kind of very marvellous meaning.
"BE should want a kid."The dark Cun in the heart of Xing Ming, " not, not the ability is 1, working properly son four females has to want a kid of a person, otherwise, there is perhaps no kid, will be uncomfortable in the heart."
The Xing Ming cans not help wry smile and sees, man's three wives four Qies can also don't necessarily too comfortable affair, but any any affair, all want to think first'fair'two words.
After a month, two meat bodies of martial absolute being all have already been refined completion, Xing Ming then the life person please come accept luck with show off sun 2 people.
Actually, 2 people are all placed in soul status at this time, don't need to be stopped for rest, more don't need alone set of rooms, only, proceed from a habit, also for the sake of the self-discipline convenience, their two talented persons invited the Xing Feng as them to build a couch grass building in the setting sun city suburb, in my self-discipline.
When they see Xing Ming nearby of those two meat bodies that all over surge violent energy wave of, immediately the concussion flurried salutes to the Xing Ming thousand times.
The Xing Ming smiled to put to put a hand, way:"2 and do it slowly, or blend soul and meat body first."
Accept luck with show off sun still repeatedly thankful, this just the getting into of no time for waiting meat body in.
After, the all miscellaneous matters 11 solutions Xing Ming finally can calm down and start closing the border.
Close the border at the same time with him of and also have already worked properly son four female.
Well worth mentioning BE, the Xing Ming did an extremely important affair before closing the border-he lets the south temple Mei son all of four females was pregnant.
While knowing the news of oneself's pregnancy, even the always strong Feng cannot help but a nose to be pure to dance
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