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louis shop The body that Liu flaps is uncanny a curved
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TOPIC: louis shop The body that Liu flaps is uncanny a curved

louis shop The body that Liu flaps is uncanny a curved 11 months, 1 week ago #81426

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Learn, "earthquake wreath knife".
The vibration of knife body is more and more big, even the airs were all influenced by this vibration, Liu flaps of vibrate more badly, the foot is to have power general, inclined inclinedly fly over there, once the knife body pick, a live huge boar monster was picked air by him, at the right moment flew toward that devil.
Liu Zhen hides the behind of not in power pig monster, the boar strange huge body form is good enough to hold up he not drive that devil detection.Although he knows that devil to since is a leader, so affirmation will be very strong,he still keeps wanting to put together.
The boar that the devil finally noticed to suddenly fly to come over is strange, peep out to ironically laugh at on the ugly face.Then the hand that see him sharpenning lightly and in the sky on rowing, together green light flash across, that boar the strange huge body be gone for two, together and together dropping descending by the penny.
Liu Zhen's not in power pig of behind is strange to be divided the time of corpse, the several years training comes out of dangerous consciousness saved him, let him moved out of the way at the end a moment to,
The elegie(is over) of chapter 137100,000 people 【lift the ban 】
[Lift the ban chapter 6, please don't stingy cherish a ticket within hand of ticket, throw south several breezes.Details of underneath will be more and more nervous, more and more interesting.Quack!]
The body that Liu flaps is uncanny a curved, then once hid the corpse of monster behind again turn come over, re- rush at devil to fully fix, on the his body emit mightiness of green light, all of that is he after setting off all capabilities in the body, just explosion come out of energy.Be like broke out microcosm general, the speed strength suddenly increases.
The devil fully fixs to have a little an accident, originally he thought this person even seven class none of remarkable talents get, completely reach not to become threat to oneself, but now, this person didn't know to use what achievement method, at moment strong went to promote own ability, break out the strength of the brief deluxe remarkable talent.Have already enough threatenned oneself.
His eye pupil is tiny to narrow, mapping Liu to flap because the speed leads quick but appear of a slip away remnants shadow.
Liu Zhen Nu drinks 1:"The wreath shakes ninth knife!Kill!"Along with his greatly drink a voice, the blue ray of light of Liu Zhen whole body again ascended a step, toward having already left he the not far devil fully fix when the head chops down bottom.His knife body good an unreal image is general, in the sky a while all several ten knives shadow, then these knife shadow take ten thousand Juns of dint from sky split bottom, the devil finish moral culture side of the space seal of strict actually solid.
Is several ten the knife of 23 meters shadow the lightning flash generally keep on splitting and pour is let the devil fully fix just a little surprise some kind of, but also only this and no more just.
Sees his weight lifting if lightly lift
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