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shop louis vutton the customary rules of swordsman general assembly is completely broken
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TOPIC: shop louis vutton the customary rules of swordsman general assembly is completely broken

shop louis vutton the customary rules of swordsman general assembly is completely broken 11 months, 2 weeks ago #81421

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Rules of knowing, but this time, there is also that Jia leaf ……still have at present, this Anne all pulls of near escort purple Ze ……
The hand of Hua pond Di doesn't aware of self ground to make an effort to press on Wang Zuo, it is a sky to pour, the Xi very has already lain matter ground to looking at purple Ze is registering.If isn't the face that all pulls due to Anne, Hua pond Di affirmation expels purple Ze Big Dipper palace, but he not go into action.By so doing, the customary rules of swordsman general assembly is completely broken, probably Suo benefit Si the imperial house have to accept next general assembly will drive large numbers of seven class the following swordsman crushed under foot the fact of threshold.
Discuss in succession in the crowd, how was the general assembly this time?First is a mouthful talks wildly of seven class fresh breeze swordsman, and then is a six class gold feather swordsmans of not afraid dead, come out now to a swordsman of zero classes ……the innumerable doesn't know details of the old swordsman helplessly shake head, generation not equal to generation ……this really has a history the most disorderly of, is also the swordsman general assembly of the cow most opening ceremony.
The clear maple didn't return to Yi building, but always the station is under the step of Big Dipper palace.Too many riddle regiment demand if does the Xu come to answer in person and actually take place what that evening?She actually is what identity, why she will get thus the treatment of Gao?
At the same time, the young light hair man who sits upright on the another king's seems to be with him once acquainted with, but the diligent ash dress basically has no the slightest threads.
An arrived Suo benefit Si to suddenly increase so many Yi regiment.The clear maple was made an effort an activity for a while wrist, tremble the accumulated snow of falling one shoulder.Registered a work to keep on about a hour to just end.Let to the shadow to say, a hour not calculate what, he all always keeps regular of carriage, just like the statue in a black.
The purple Ze Qiao then wears cross-legged, a short while Qiao right leg, a short while changes a left leg again and often and by hand points the arm-rest of Kou shot chair and plays with to take the lance of sheath in the hand.
Xi in the sky and Hua pond Di are also great kings to want to keep the dignity that should have naturally, if king before the public under nap, that will definitely be the political scandal that becomes popular plateau.
But become Kai then the slightest and not and presumably oneself Wei is fertile to grow the identity of emperor's son, lean on at the skin of chair up beat to have nap.The sword holding in the hand falls flop and hits to win sole and becomes Kai to exclaim 1 to turn to wake up and saw around combine just like the kind then start to hand sword, signaling hint the rites can continue.
When the last swordsman comes out Big Dipper to bring up the rear, four secretary members toghter kept on pushing to build data volume.If the Xu also stood and pressed the shoulder to salute a way to the Hua pond Di all alone:"The king of the father, the daughter excuses to leave."
"Suo benefit Si king, if there is no matter, we also walked."Xi in the sky
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