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lancel adjani bag The remaining prestige that the month long grass passes away still at
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TOPIC: lancel adjani bag The remaining prestige that the month long grass passes away still at

lancel adjani bag The remaining prestige that the month long grass passes away still at 11 months, 1 week ago #81420

  • pttupndw96
BE more lousy than the swordsmanship of clear maple?
She is stunned speechless, linked boundaries to all forget to launch, stares at the sky in of the lance turn numerous sword long grasses of moonlight sorts, but is cover with sword spirit to roar and shout to tilt to one side down!
This recruits and breaks soldier one type:The lotus month sword dance compares and want to be malicious hot many.
"Shuo snow!You ……"the clear maple quickly push away dense as a block northern temple You, the Long Xi rush starts to gather murderous look to force to protect himself/herself and nearby northern temple You and annoys the hemisphere form of intertexture outer circle at Long Xi Jian, strong and tough ground already drive wing Shuo the month long grass sword spirit of snow bomb one broken tiles.
The remaining prestige that the month long grass passes away still at, wing Shuo snow is abrupt however accept sword power, courageously rise lance and is a sword spirit, but this sword spirit is hurtling clear maple to go.The clear maple doesn't avoid being seen as well, the sharp sword annoys from his better arm wipe in the past, the sword breeze immediately mowed to open clothes and pulled the next big piece meat.
"Why don't you stay away?"Wing Shuo snow sees oneself unexpectedly harm clear maple, temporarily panic.
The clear maple shakes and sighs a way:"Shuo snow's hiding the crevice of this sword at me , with your swordsmanship, completely can kill the north temple You ……"
The facial expression of wing Shuo snow becomes deadly pale, "you, you ……" he turns a hand to press back sword sheath in, lower the head a way:"You leave …… clear maple, you leave ……"
In the breeze of eminence, ice snow Ultrasaurus winds around in the horizon.
The breeze that flowed out from the all directions blows the silver hair of clear maple dispersed start to fly, young emperor's sub- left hand holds Long Xi who take the sheath and write in the eye of but exert is perplexed.
One, the result of this trip don't Bu, probably his bold behavior changes come of is a terrific fight, probably can turn a silks by weapons of war.
Clear maple always all never once resided an adventure, even if is in addition to cloud Lan city, on riding to be thousand strongest black wing knight's regiment in central plain of facings, he is also never timid.
Perplex his but is a wing Shuo furthermore snow.His reaction why will be thus strong, again why don't want to kill north temple You can not?If think the other party with concealed intentions, completely can take down to interrogate again why want to place the other party first at the hopeless situation?Especially after oneself mutually protects by body ……
The sting bone cold idea that spread from the better arm at this time interrupted the thoughts and feelings of clear maple, swordsman subconscious ground by hand the Wu live better arm, vigilance ground the northern temple You interrogation way that toward a body side:"Do you want to do what?"
The north temple You quickly accepts to stop, "nothing important, the his highness just wounded for me, really very much obliged.Sealing wound with the magic ice can obstruct to bleed and ease painful ……so I ……"
The clear maple put the left hand been on guard down and breath a sigh of relief to said:"Execuse me, I blamed wrongly you."At this time
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