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bagagerie lancel He immediately thought of Luo rather original
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TOPIC: bagagerie lancel He immediately thought of Luo rather original

bagagerie lancel He immediately thought of Luo rather original 11 months, 2 weeks ago #81417

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Of attention.
Strangely fits of BE, before met when the Luo is rather original his eyes to equally draw the attention of Xing Ming, those are a pair of extremely bright eyes, made the Xing Ming much more unbearable to see several eyes.
See eyes of the old again at this time, the Xing Ming immediately had a kind of familiar felling.
He immediately thought of Luo rather original, at this time one Zha, immediately the town lived this old, fruit not it however, he is a Luo rather original!
The air that sees Xing Ming, the Luo rather could not help shaking head a to smile at first, way:"Ha ha ……the old man played other people from cradle to the grave, but had never thoughted of, was unexpectedly lived for town by a youth!"
The eyebrows of Xing Ming is tightly wrinkly, lightly say:"The Luo is rather original, do you seem to early know that I come to the Yi Si Tan city?"
In his words, take one silk Nu idea.Anyone is thus played, all not happy!
The Luo rather didn't mind as well at first, just the Hey Hey says with smile:"The boy am this old man's house to me, you can also next must go thus heavy hand, also is really that mix boy!"
The Xing Ming knits the brows a way:"If you are again bothersome, I not is to descend a heavy hand, but be descending cutthroat!"
In a twinkling break out to strongly kill an idea on his body, get close to Luo directly and quickly rather original but go.
Luo rather at first immediately a surprised, surprisedly saw Xing Ming one eye, dark way in heart:"Strongly kill an idea thus, unexpectedly from a don't get to 20-year-old youth body up send out?Is such kind of to kill an idea, don't experience successively numerous combats, absolutely can not own!"
Rather deliberated at first in the Luo of, together cold light moment flash across, he felt neck a cool, a take radiant and extremely keen lance already at his Bo neck up, let he time the body livings cold.
"Small friend Mo Ji!"The Luo is rather original ha ha on smiling, there is no the least bit frightened meaning on the face, just say, "you if killed old man, can not go light and free mountain any further ……"
The Xing Ming the slightest doesn't sway and peep out one silk hideous smile on the face:"I guess, you settle however is a light and free mountain in the informer on the blue sky mainland or is to halt a point, killed you, naturally also someone come of!"
Luo rather original wry smile way:"That's right, if the old man died, really also someone come to take over the seat of old man, but, you could not see my wife and children any further princess!"
In the heart of Xing Ming on moving, the immediately hasty voice asks a way:"You wife and children princess ……is who?!"
"The Luo works properly son!"
The Luo rather lightly spoke a name at first, and then said with smile:", To, I the wife and children princess' heel when you are nearby, once was called Xing to work properly!"
Suddenly eyes of Xing Ming Zheng is getting bigger, even breath all urgent get up, he dead dead of stare at Luo rather at first, ask a way
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