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lancel occasion Suddenly
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TOPIC: lancel occasion Suddenly

lancel occasion Suddenly 11 months, 1 week ago #81414

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Ember general steaming hot, if 1 F falsely of the breeze wall protect at his on all sides.
"Is a thunder sword!"A swordsman that once experienced sounding like thunder blue sky might of god hallooes.
"Killed him, killed him!"The crowd hallooes.
"Killed him, killed him!"The clear maple creates a big noise.
The leaf of Jia is abrupt however feel that oneself is like one to have no one to turn to of lead a street rat, and then own destiny be kneaded in the in front that but the hand of swordsman in the sword door in.
"Killed him, killed him ……" crowd shouts suddenly far suddenly near, linger around in the Jia leaf's ear side.
A Sen however of the arrogant follow the corner of mouth that he slowly ups to also slowly rise, "only of is the breeze thunder four sword Jues, can can also kill me?"
The leaf of Jia is abrupt however bares the wrist of left hand, the sword blade in black depended up.The black sword cuts the hand wrist, the blood sprays to flow out but, the Jia leaf complies with the surrounding to jilt a left hand, the blood drop splashes to open, the lance of right hand then 鞥 piece, the blood drop being stained with in out of the sky rows in a row four seem is a certain curse of pattern, those four sign texts are in the sky stained with the bloods of the leaf of Jias to suspend.
"Blood ……" fog Shu tooth just meant to say, the blood soul sword Jue, wished this youth how can I cursed the swordsmanship of Shu association, and still the high level curses the sword method of Shu swordsman, but he is abrupt however on thinking, if this youth really cursed the Shu association bottom in the door and so exposed his identity, not what a mess?
"What is blood?"The Hua pond Di eyebrows a wrinkly ask a way:"Country teacher, do you know this sword method?"Hua pond Di the king see Jia a leaf uncanny swordsmanship also arouse suspicion, drive the price of great king doubt, usually only a dead end.
"Not, is not, report his majesty, minister, the minister is afraid to see blood ……" easily permits into the precipice says of the fog Shu tooth have a kind of felling that ate a fly.
Border on the silver hair of youth to then toward the vision that the old man hurl despises.
At this time, the Jia leaf uses the sign text that the blood rows to vigorously collide with each other without basis with the sword of purple Ze sounding like thunder blue sky.
The both sides that push 2 people at the same time toward the test set of the huge vibration wave, the chilly sword strength tears off a deep ditch of several Chinese feet in the place dynasty both sides of megalith middle, the stone brick total amount of the whole test on the stage cracks and throws a God to get empty.
Suddenly, the purple Ze lends backward strength and by foot blocks two pieces of rocks, steady live body, a recruit Xu power already a long time of bright moon absolute being the sword suddenly stab.That lance turns the month Hui of making a silver white to break to get empty but goes to.
But Jia leaf but abrupt however appear at the body of the purple Ze side, the right boxing Xu power is one shot, beats purple Ze under platform.The clear maple is quickly blunt in the past, start to hand the purple Ze of falling to the set, the low voice puts blame on a way:"Still say do you do him, was on the contrary done by him."
The purple Ze tooks a look the Jia leaf of on the stage, and then tooks a look
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