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lancel premier flirt Want to eat ham
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TOPIC: lancel premier flirt Want to eat ham

lancel premier flirt Want to eat ham 11 months ago #81405

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Best northland flower vulture, you where made come of?"
The clear maple drank an one mouthful again, carelessly answer:"The bed of your room underneath, not is have a lot of?"
The wine altar in the purple Ze hand almost could not held and pointed at Gao Gao Lei of stone table rises of wine altar tongue-tied way:"Not, not, can't.You, you how can, so?"The purple Ze is simply to also drink, "just, just, the master elder brother fills to me a to jump a wine insect ……" his low voice whispers a way.
He lets go of a wine altar and says:"There, on the eaves, the fourth tile behind of big piece head, come together come down drink one cup bar!"
The shadow that sees whole body black dress lets some helplessly appear at opposite roof up, his left hand lifts one altar wine, the armpit of right hand clips a sword box of a few inches breadth.
The shadow lets almost to flew down from the roof.
"Since is three personal alcohols, that I seek a kitchen to do a few vegetarian dish."The purple Ze station starts, in full charge the detection shadow lets the sword box that the armpit clips, " Yi, don't you will not use sword?Why to take a sword box?"
The shadow let to stare purple Ze one eye and slowly put a sword box on the table and made an effort to take out to open the wooden board on the sword box and presented in the public in front of solemnly is a color and luster golden return drop the roasting of grease make ham, the just right at the right moment fills in the sword box.
"!"The purple Ze no time for waiting ground was by hand tored a piece of meat and slowly put into a mouth, facial expression peep out to infatuate with, then slowly toward shadow to let the thumb of stretching out the right hand, praise highly a way:"The cutthroat is a cutthroat, the smuggles all walk like this to have a personality!"
", That ham, is I take out money to buy of ……" is another one a voice unwillingly say and curse and scold 1 empress the side eaves:"Luo's hero, you eat in pick outside guy!"
"H'm?Seem there the upstairs have what voice ring ……"the clear maple let go of hand in of fillet, cautiously listenned to one way of hearing.
Damn of guy, just led to open purple Ze and the view of clear maple, let him hurry up Semitic, how still depend on not to walk?Want to eat ham?If you are arrested by them, you became ham ……the shadow let in the mind seven ascend eight times, but bitterness say with smile:"Probably is a rat, a short while good."
Heard indeed as expected the clear maple talk of voice, the Jia leaf quickly held breath.
The clear maple cans not help also start to admire a shadow to let come, stretch out to be stained with full greasy right hand, start to raise a thumb to praise highly a way:"The cutthroat is a cutthroat, even know the daily timetables of rat!"
Section 65:Begged you to kill me(a more)
The seventh day, four strong matches finally inaugurated.No matter how process is
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