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lancel bags it is him to can settle
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TOPIC: lancel bags it is him to can settle

lancel bags it is him to can settle 11 months, 1 week ago #81398

  • pttupndw96
The blood washes the youth of strong breeze mercenary soldier regiment!"
"Is him?!"The others all can not help frighteneding to disgrace and lose a voice to exclaim.
One year ago is that bloody night, make too many people hard to forget.Chief crazy wolf, or so protect a method, three Wu Ling Qiang'ses, a night of all is killed.
The such elegant appearance, the such real strenght, is naturally to let everybody absolute being to!
"Really is him?!"Someone has some to interrogatively ask a way.
"Should be him!In"and then someone say, " rumours, that blood washes the youth of strong breeze mercenary soldier regiment and equally also takes the evil sound leopard of a head of whole body utter darkness and nearby follows a few youths.Such situation, and this youth almost is look exactly alike.So, it is him to can settle!"
This time, suddenly again someone say:"This youth, will can't be legendary of'the king of youth strong'-Xing Ming?!"
This talks a , the owners all can not help shockingly.
Consider the Xing Ming in the rumours again that violent and matchless real strenght, connecting the several and the super strongses can at will bomb to kill, say nothing of strong breeze mercenary soldier regiment.
, Is he really that legendary Xing Ming?!
The person in the bar but didn't discover, there are several individuals, silently withdrew bar, quickly leave.
"What?!Is the youth who destroys strong breeze mercenary soldier regiment a Xing Ming?"
Inside a luxurious house hospital in the black orchid town, a Yong permits a stylish woman, the surprising color of full face.Immediately, smiling face then peeped out to ponder on her face, "indeed as expected interesting, the Xing Ming is unexpectedly that youth.See, the quicksand city wanted to be noisy!"
Make reference to here, cut off a color woman to immediately say:"Prepare luggage, I want to go to quicksand city in person!"
"BE!"The gloomy place of house hospital spread an answer with bright Hong.
Meanwhile, several house hospitals in the black orchid town, same of dialogue, almost write in the simultaneous with.In great quantities strong starts rushing through into quicksand city.
BE launching a pair of wings in the sky, on alone growing the huge duck hawk of 45 meters, rapid of fly toward the southeast direction.
On the back of duck hawk, sit persons, such as Xing Ming and Kang 婼 ...etc., and the evil sound leopard of whole body utter darkness'big black'.
Kang 婼 3 people looking at silent not the Xing Ming of language, can not help all very careful, even talk all and don't dare loudly.They are doubts very much, why childe at hear the Meng show Yang to hold in the quicksand city'the youth is strong it meeting'behind, reaction will such of vehemence!
Even in, childe unexpectedly even a short moment woulds not like to stop over, but go straight to quicksand city but go, either, this really is ……let people too hard comprehension!
Pour BE
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