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lancel 75008 At this time
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TOPIC: lancel 75008 At this time

lancel 75008 At this time 11 months, 1 week ago #81381

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All took to go in.
But now, the Xing Ming unexpectedly wants will this cut a yataghan and send to the small Chan Chu, make oneself win of weapon to deal with himself/herself?!
Absolutely is has gone too far in insult!
"Seek dead!"
Li Huang bellows a , all over and suddenly break out the energy motion of a terrible pole, open work properly boundary of the rare strong of three one of the lordses be unexpectedly thus taken no cognizance here, he how again ability not cut up rough?
"Seek dead is you!"
Bead clam same one bellows, the lightning flash sort once connected to cut a yataghan from Xing Ming, and a knife nowise showing consideration split!
Just on recruiting, owner shocked at the same time.
The energy motion taken by this knife, unexpectedly than Li emperor the Wei spread on body press to still have to be terrible and seem to have 1 kind to be good enough to ruin the felling that the sky puts out ground!
The Li emperor immediately stares big eyes, the body is also a moment dodge.
Descend a moment, Li emperor after death of three emperor the moment be how canned it possibly been quantity to shoot, connect the least bit reaction all too late, whole individual in a twinkling changed into blood fog, be walked by energy book later on, disappear in the whole world!
This is still not only, that cuts the energy that the yataghan splits and unexpectedly livinged space to rarely slice open an a son, the wild space energy moment overflows, let owner all can flurried avoid!
Until is a burst of after disordering, be sliced open of space just close by oneself on the whole, however, this waits terrible action, but make the owner almost surprised Be getting more foolish.
Among them the most shocked of, should be to hold the bead clam of cutting the yataghan!
The 牠 is foolish to foolishly looking at hand in of cut a yataghan, imitate a Buddha to dare not believe just that terror,such as a knife of the Si, will be what oneself splits out, be full of incredible air in the eye!
The voice of "childe ……" bead clam's seeming to be all is shivering, but doesn't know should say what.
At this time, bead clam feels that a vacuum force suddenly spreads, in the 牠 hand of cut a yataghan suddenly on moving, soon after an energy motion the surging open and then resumed as usual.
Xing Ming but is smile don't smile of Pie Li emperor's one eye of full face shocked color, say with smile to the bead clam again:"Need not afraid be looted, half hour inside, no one can loot to.However, only time of half hour, super, not only the power downs sharply, the knife may also can not guarantee and like confidence!"
"Thank childe!"Bead clam suddenly one earthquake, immediately understood the meaning of Xing Ming, this knife of so will appear a such upheaval, a little bit a little bit more severe weapon from one, become even the Li emperor also wants to flurried avoid of super weapon, affirmation was a Xing Ming to therein begin.
See oneself finally have one snow
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