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soldes lancel hope that host aren't thus of make open
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TOPIC: soldes lancel hope that host aren't thus of make open

soldes lancel hope that host aren't thus of make open 11 months, 1 week ago #81374

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Ming's recent conduct and actions makes her very difficult to understand.Since have already given offense to Bo Yan in the Chuang and Li to know emperor, straight-tempered conceal movements, hide diligent self-discipline, the time that want to be enough strong in the real strenght also at least come out again.
Can not deny, the real strenght of the Xing Ming has been extremely strong, but in Li Yan's eyes, if host with work properly boundary what three lords compare with, is still far far not qualified, after all all of three lords is already become famous don't know how many years of strong, their real strenght, and then is what ordinary people can compare?
Is a slave to want to wear to think for host naturally, therefore Li Yan several times want to offer suggestion to the Xing Ming, hope that host aren't thus of make open, steady is heavy, but, think of eyes of Xing Ming, that keenness, Li Yan that almost arrived the words of the side of mouth, and then swallowed to return to.
However see Xing Ming the action at this time now, in the heart of Li Yan of worry more heavy.Before in the middle of working properly the countryside of the northwest of boundary, the Xing Ming also sets out a big to conceal a line of vestige, but now, he unexpectedly and thus and recklessly sits in the weald, nearby in addition to oneself and bead clam eldest brother, didn't the least bit protect measure any further.
If worked properly boundary at this time Wu Zhe Dao this ……
Again going around and inspecting in the Huang Sen forbidden ground edge is a turn of, the Li Yan then cannot helps but flying back and arrives bead clam nearby, and the low voice asks a way:"Bead clam eldest brother, host ……he so isn't the meeting not that safe?In case of there is the martial to work properly boundary to this at this time, are host not very dangerous?"
The bead clam is tiny tiny on smiling, shook to shake head, way:"Need not worry, the childe does like this and has his truth naturally."
"What truth?"The Li Yan cannot help but asking a way.
"Now that you have already known the childe's true identity, should once hear the childe's rumours?"The bead clam smiles to ask a way.
The Li Yan ordered to nod, way:"Yes, the host are young of, once was plotted secretly against by person, was put on to go to pubic region.But afterwards the host lean against him unique intelligence with outstrip the perseverance of ordinary people, finally had great achievement.And, the host are the most famous, the strategies that he excels, the top strongs of rumours blue sky mainland can not resist his big!Just ……this with host the peace or chaos at this time has what relate to?"
Bead clam ha ha on smiling, way:"Li Yan, in the your eyes, the childe is thus of reckless, thus of make open?"
"Of course not BE!"The Li Yan immediately says, "just, host are at this time ……"
The bead clam pointed Li Yan of say with smile after death:"Li Yan, childe again will do that kind of without cause of adventure?See have no, at your after death,
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